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Pharma.Aero and BSMA sign MoU to collaborate on projects for optimizing the health care supply chain

At the 15th Annual Conference of BSMA in Foster City (CA), Pharma.Aero and the Bio Supply Management Alliance (BSMA) announced to collaborate to augment their supply chain management capabilities for their global communities. The signatories of the collaboration were Devendra Mishra (Executive Director of BSMA), Franck Toussaint (Managing Director of BSMA Europe), Frank Van Gelder (Secretary General of Pharma.Aero), and Trevor Caswell (Chairman of Pharma.Aero). 

Devendra Mishra, Executive Director of BSMA:
“The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the vulnerability of the global supply chain where airfreight logistics was significantly constrained because of systemic and external factors of decimated cargo capacity. Combining the supply chain management dimension of BSMA with the global network of Pharma.Aero augurs well for the industry committed to saving human lives. Together, the two associations will synchronize the links of the end-to-end supply chain with optimal policies.”   

Frank Van Gelder, Secretary General of Pharma.Aero:
“Pharma.Aero is a strong international cross-industrial collaboration platform, fostering collaboration between the pharmaceutical manufacturers and the stakeholders of the Life Science Supply Chain specialized in end-to-end airfreight logistics. The collaboration between BSMA and Pharma.Aero increases the shared insights and experiences to optimize, design and develop the future health care supply chain. The members of both organizations will benefit through joined initiatives and projects with the aim to improve the entire supply chain.” 

The strategic intent of the two global organizations is to synergize the network of Pharma.Aero with the supply chain of Life Sciences of BSMA. The areas of cooperation will be to review and recommend relevant standards, processes and guidelines in handling of products. In addition, they will collaborate and foster industry-relevant projects for innovation. 

About BSMA 

Since its inception in 2007, BSMA is a global organization that fosters Innovation and Adoption of disruptive technologies within the end-to-end supply chain of the Life Sciences industry. With offices in California (USA), Brussels (Belgium) and New Delhi (India), BSMA promotes collaboration and networking between professionals of the biotech, pharmaceutical, academic and medical diagnostics enterprises. The Alliance partners with industry, academia, foundations, suppliers, technology enablers, research institutions, trade organizations and the government to improve productivity, quality, product and service integrity, risk mitigation, managerial talent development and patient care globally. It is also the home of start-up companies engaged in business development and scale up.  

Contact: Devendra Mishra, Executive Director 

About Pharma.Aero  

Pharma.Aero is a leading international cross-industry collaboration platform for LifeScience and MedTech shippers, IATA CEIV certified cargo communities, airport operators and other air cargo industry stakeholders. Jointly with our members, we ideate and develop projects that focus on end-to-end supply chain visibility and address air transportation issues and challenges faced by the Life Science and MedTech industry.   

Since its foundation, in 2016, Pharma.Aero expanded rapidly its network to 47 members, associates, and partners, and it is now present on 6 continents. Over the years, Pharma.Aero completed 9 projects, thus giving its members access to valuable insights, ideas, and solutions.   

In 2022, Pharma.Aero is breaking new grounds by simultaneously conducting 4 projects that address innovative and futuristic challenges of transporting Life Science and Medtech products.   

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