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La Dose Tech launches Healthtech Explore, Europe’s first comprehensive health tech mapping

Paris-born health innovation community La Dose Tech is quickly emerging as a leading international community of healthcare and technology thought leaders. This month, the project has expanded its scope with the launch of a search engine that offers a comprehensive and interactive list of international health tech companies.


Paris, July 19 2022 - La Dose Tech, a networking community and media outlet that brings together innovators and thought leaders at the intersection of healthcare and technology, announced today the launch of its latest feature, Healthtech Explore - a search engine that lists 400+ companies in the health tech sector. Visitors can browse Healthtech Explore by country and subsector, and instantly view the description, stats and teaser video of member companies, as well as a basic listing of all other organisations containing a short description, links and key stats.


With Healthtech Explore, La Dose Tech wishes to shine a light on the best digital health and health tech innovations Europe has to offer. Powered by a leading health tech company, Lifen, France’s premier healthcare digital transformation innovator, La Dose Tech also plans on facilitating synergies between healthcare facilities, providers, governments, academics and innovators from different regions and countries.


When we first launched La Dose Tech and began reaching out to different companies, we quickly realised three things: one, France alone was brimming with groundbreaking advances in the digital health sector. Two, innovators working in different subsectors and different regions were not necessarily aware of what was being done elsewhere. Three, there was a wealth of insight to be gained if only these people had a space where they could share their vision, experience and resources with their peers”, stated Jeanne Lapierre, Founder and Managing Editor of La Dose Tech.


La Dose Tech, a play on the French words “pill” and “technology” - has already featured over 40 innovators as part of its weekly series App of the Week, Person of the Week and CMO Insights. It counts over 400 regular contributors to forum discussions and just under one thousand LinkedIn followers. An outstanding growth for a project that is yet to celebrate its one-year anniversary in November of 2022.


What started out as a classic networking project that aspired to connect early adopters and local players expanded into a larger scale think tank that now brings together innovators from a variety of regions and who work on all kinds of digital health solutions: from oncology to mental health, care coordination and telemedicine, just to name a few,” commented Nathan Veyret, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of La Dose Tech. “As our following increases and our community grows and welcomes more and more decision-makers from institutions, government agencies and private companies alike, it makes sense for us to focus on offering a structured, comprehensive, searchable mapping of digital health initiatives across Europe.”


Digital health innovators are encouraged to reach out to the editorial team to discuss being featured in upcoming series. Features are completely free of charge for companies, and so are the rest of the community’s services. Registration is open to anyone who wishes to stay on top of the sector’s latest news and to connect with change-makers and other innovation aficionados. 

La Dose Tech allows me to keep a finger on the pulse of the healthcare ecosystem. Our company was featured on multiple occasions, and each time this generated interesting discussions. The community is also a great way to connect with decision-makers beyond one’s borders, which paves the way for those looking to gain market entry into France or vice-versa,” stated Guillaume Gobert, CEO of Ordoclic.

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Last Updated: 19-Jul-2022