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Curebase Releases enhanced Patient App add-on option to all studies to universally better patient participation and choice

SAN FRANCISCO, July 19, 2022Curebase, a company committed to democratizing access to clinical studies, today announced an upgraded universal mobile app for trial participants that makes participating in clinical studies more convenient by enabling push notifications, among other features. The app, available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play, is intended to be a flexible option to enable patient choice for participation across studies.


Curebase will use this feature to give patients flexibility in how to engage in any trial. Such a feature allows patients the option to participate through web and/or app-based experiences in a seamless manner depending on the situation and patient’s decision.


“We’ve learned that patients want choice. Patients can enjoy the convenience of an app-based experience with push-notifications, while also having the ability to receive SMS/email reminders and enter data on any other device through the web-app as well.” said Curebase founder and CEO Tom Lemberg. “If patients choose to opt for an app on their device(s), they can feel comforted knowing that they can pick up where they left off via the web-app if they lose their phone, are away from their device, or using public internet access.”


Push notifications are designed to remind patients to fill out reports, join telemedicine visits, and complete other activities necessary to keep them adherent to trial requirements. They add a new option for patient notifications beyond the current SMS and email reminders. Finally, the ability to simultaneously use both the universal app and web-app, allows patients choice in not being tethered to any particular device through the course of their study experience.


By providing a downloadable mobile app that pushes notifications to trial participants and allows them to easily log in to a study site and enter data, thus avoiding the extra steps involved in accessing the trial website through a mobile browser, Curebase makes it easier for patients in long-term trials to remain engaged. 


“The biggest challenge facing long-term trials is participant engagement,” said Curebase VP of Innovation Jane Myles. “The clinical trial industry is learning that adherence is directly tied to the participant experience. Curebase’s user-friendly mobile app will help keep trial participants engaged for the duration of the study.”


Curebase's decentralized clinical trial (DCT) model ensures more diverse studies because unique populations – which typically are underrepresented in clinical trials – can be included. The company's virtual research sites also provide physicians with new and unique options to offer their patients, regardless of location. 


About Curebase

At Curebase, our mission is to bring quality medical innovations to patients faster and improve human wellbeing through more efficient clinical studies. We are proving that clinical research can be radically accelerated if we empower physicians everywhere to enroll patients in the communities where they live. By applying cutting edge clinical software and remote study management techniques to the problem, we are reinventing clinical trials and research from the ground up. For more information, please visit

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Last Updated: 22-Jul-2022