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Full-process Services of Eukaryotic Microbial 18S Sequencing at Creative Biogene

New York, United States—July 25, 2022—Microbialtec Lab is one of the main business units in Creative Biogene, which is dedicated to offering full-process services of eukaryotic microbial 18S sequencing from DNA extraction to PCR amplification, purification, sequencing, and analysis of eukaryotic microbes.


18S ribosomal RNA is a structural RNA for the small element of eukaryotic cytoplasmic ribosomes. Owing to its high specificity and sequence conservation, the 18S rRNA gene has been regarded as the most commonly used marker for exploring the community structure of eukaryotic protists in aquatic and terrestrial environments. For example, the 18S rDNA gene can be utilized for the identification and molecular systematics of eukaryotic microorganisms such as microalgae and protozoa.


For over a decade, Creative Biogene has been focused on microbiological research and is now capable of providing 18S rRNA gene sequencing services to help researchers identify, classify, and quantify microbes within complex biological mixtures. Clients can choose different service packages featured with wide applicability, cost-efficiency, and high speed according to their project needs.


To simplify clients’ 18S rRNA identification process, the company releases 3 service packages covering sequence amplification of 18S rRNA, sequencing of PCR products, cloning of related genes, and sequencing alignment analysis within a 1-2 weeks turnaround time. In addition, the expert team can also construct gene libraries of eukaryotic microbial 18S rDNA and develop RFLP makers within 5-6 weeks to provide a full analysis of eukaryotic microbial community diversity.


“Our 16S/18S/ITS amplicon sequencing is supportive of identifying and investigating the microbial community. With over 10 years of experience, we can meet your project requirements and budgets in the exploration of microbial biodiversity and optimize your biological and therapeutic research. We have advanced sequencing platforms and a diverse range of one-stop eukaryotic microbial 18S sequencing services to enable comprehensive bioinformatic analysis and in-depth microbiological studies,” the marketing manager at Creative Biogene said.


About Creative Biogene

Creative Biogene aims to provide the latest strategies of high-level microbiological research services to pharmaceutical researchers and industrial partners all over the world. With years of experience, the company is capable of offering customers an overall microbiological research program, including sample collection, preservation methods, preliminary experiments and impact evaluation, experiments and data analysis, etc. Creative Biogene is dedicated to assisting researchers in exploring the hidden mysteries between microbes and health, production, and the environment to better use microbial resources.

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Last Updated: 25-Jul-2022