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Veterinary CT Scanner Market

CT Market  Scope, Size, Types, Applications, Industry Trends, Drivers, Restraints, Expansion Plans & Forecast to 2030

CT Scanner Market Introduction

CT Scanner Market has greatly benefited medical care. By offering precise anatomical imaging, this technology enhances diagnoses, averts needless medical procedures, enhances treatment, and is a financially sensible imaging tool. It is a crucial diagnostic tool, especially for simultaneously examining blood arteries, soft tissue, and bone. Internal injuries can be identified early enough to save lives since CT imaging is quick and simple in emergency situations. Thus, the factors anticipated to have a positive impact on market growth are the rising need for improved evaluation tools in the emergency department and the rising number of ambulatory emergency care units.

CT Scanner Market : Overview

With a CAGR of 7.3%, the market for veterinary CT scanners is predicted to grow to USD 173.7 million by 2022 from an estimated USD 122.3 million in 2017. When it comes to neurology, oncology, orthopaedics, traumatology, and many other problems in the animal body, veterinary CT scanners offer accurate and prompt diagnosis. Small companion animals, equines, livestock, and other animals are examined using veterinary CT scanners by veterinary hospitals, clinics, university teaching hospitals, and academic institutions. Sales of veterinary disposables by businesses that produce veterinary disposables make up the veterinary disposables market. Veterinary disposables are goods designed for single use and used to treat illnesses in animals.

Critical care disposables, wound management disposables, fluid administration and therapy disposables, airway management disposables, gastrointestinal disposables, needles, and other types are the primary categories of veterinary disposables. Treatment of illnesses of the oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon and rectum, pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts, and liver uses gastroenterology consumables. Small, large, and other animal species are treated with the goods, which are used by veterinary offices, veterinary hospitals, research facilities, and other end users. Healthcare organizations are now working in a dynamic environment, undergoing seismic transformations as a result of the introduction of innovative medical treatments and increased internet usage. This, along with unparalleled online access to astounding amounts of information, has made astute patients more careful. As a result, the demand for smart, affordable, and tailored healthcare services has surged. The COVID-19 pandemic has further resulted in higher demand for healthcare and related products & services further strengthening the performance of overall healthcare industry.

Our specialized reports offer information that is tailored to the unique needs of all the important stakeholders. Our reports provided with market evaluations that provide our clients with useful insights into market size, current competition, and other factors. Reports also estimate the burden of common and unusual disease disorders based on prevalence and cost of care. Reports also include executive-level market blueprint and valuable ideas to help and establish effective expansion plans. Healthcare reports also provide in-depth examination of a market's research and development landscape. These data pointers and analysis provide in-depth research of pipeline product distribution by on clinical trial stage, therapeutic region, indication, and other factors.

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The market for veterinary CT scanners will be driven by the use of these machines to diagnose small companion animals.

Dogs, cats, and other tiny companion animals including birds and small mammals are included in the category of small companion animals. The main drivers propelling the growth of the small companion animal segment in the veterinary CT scanner market are the rising pet ownership rate, rising veterinary healthcare costs, and rising demand for pet insurance. In order to spur product innovation, businesses in the veterinary disposables sector are increasingly investing in mergers and acquisitions with other firms. Companies are expanding into new geographies and creating innovative products in order to succeed in the fiercely competitive veterinary disposables market by combining forces with other businesses in the form of acquisitions and mergers. Scil Animal Care was purchased by Heska Corporation in April 2020 for $125 million. Heska Corporation is a US-based manufacturer and marketer of companion animal care products. Heska Corporation hopes to grow in the European market through this acquisition. A European business called Social Animal Care is focused on providing imaging diagnostic tools and services for animal health laboratories.

Key takeaways from the report

The global CT scanner market is expected to reach USD 6.20 billion by 2022 from USD 4.76 billion in 2017, at a CAGR of 5.4% during the forecast period

Segmentation Analysis of Global  CT Market

Based on type

2S Spiral Scan CT

16S Spiral Scan CT

64S Spiral Scan CT

128S Spiral Scan CT

256S Spiral Scan CT

Based on application



Pulmonary angiogram


Abdominal and pelvic


By Top Key Players

GE Healthcare,Siemens,Philips,Toshiba,Shimadzu,Hitachi,Carestream Healthcare,NeuroLogica,Neusoft Medical,Shenzhen Anke High-tech,United-imaging

Major questions answered in this report

  • What is the driving factor for the growth of the CT market?
  • How will the COVID-19 pandemic impact the demand and consumption of the CT market?
  • What is the major application area of the CT market?
  • Who are the CT manufacturers across the globe?
  • Which geographical location is dominant in the CT market?
  • Which are the top industry players in the CT market?

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Key takeaways from the report

 CT Scanner Market  a CAGR of 7.3%, the market for veterinary CT scanners is predicted to grow to USD 173.7 million by 2022 from an estimated USD 122.3 million in 2017

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Veterinary CT Scanner Market

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