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Ground-breaking digestive supplement launches to tackle the root cause of many gut problems

Ground-breaking digestive supplement launches to tackle the root cause of many gut problems

JUVIA works with your own unique gut flora, instead of introducing new bacteria


Wednesday 10 August 2022, London: Today sees the launch of JUVIATM Digestive Balance Formula, a ground-breaking digestive supplement for people with IBS, powered by plants and backed up by science.


JUVIA Digestive Balance Formula contains ERMETM, a unique natural ingredient derived from 100% sustainable barley. Scientists discovered that the active digestive enzymes in ERME help break down carbohydrates before they can cause symptoms such as bloating, stomach cramps, constipation and diarrhoea, which are associated with IBS. This can mean no more restrictive diets or worrying where the bathroom is and freedom to live your life.


JUVIA Digestive Balance Formula is backed by cutting-edge science pioneered by Professor John Hunter, formerly of Addenbrooke’s Hospital, and Dr Rosemary Waring, University of Birmingham, leading investigators in the areas of gut health and metabolic disorders. 


Professor Hunter, said:


“The active digestive enzymes in ERME work with the body to help it balance the good and bad gut flora. As far as we know, for the first time we have a product that addresses one of the root causes of IBS, rather than just tackling the symptoms. IBS has many different causes; around 50% are related to diet.”


It is estimated that up to 4 in 10 people in the UK experience gut health problems.[i] Digestive issues can have a devastating impact on people’s lives, with many still searching for a long-term solution that really works for them.[ii]


Liam, aged 33, has used JUVIA Digestive Balance Formula and says:


“I’ve had IBS for 14 years and I’ve tried so many different products. I’ve had to restrict my diet and miss out on social events with friends. IBS has also dictated the kind of work I can do. As a Police Community Support Officer I had to be on my feet constantly, it became impossible thanks to the unpredictability and pain caused by my IBS. I started taking JUVIA with my breakfast and in the evening and started to feel the difference after a few days. I’m now in the maintenance phase and feel completely different. I’ve added foods back into my life that I haven’t eaten in years and feel free to live my life as I want to.”


JUVIA has also created an app to help people track progress and set reminders to take JUVIA Digestive Balance Formula.


JUVIA Digestive Balance Formula is available to buy online at


The research that has led to JUVIA was the first to establish the role that bacteria and fermentation plays in gut health.[iii] Published in the Lancet back in 1998 by Professor Hunter, the research led to an understanding that when the small intestine doesn’t digest food completely, especially carbohydrates, it can cause malfermentation in the large intestine. In turn, this can lead to the growth of unhealthy flora.  This imbalance can irritate the gut.


Scientists continue to uncover the significant role that the gut flora play in human health. Links may be found between gut flora and a range of conditions including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), immune function, colitis, diabetes and obesity.


Dr Anthony Hobson, Clinical Director and Senior Clinical GI Scientist at the Functional Gut Clinic said:


“This is a fascinating and dynamic area of research.  We are just uncovering the role that gut health plays in so many health conditions. The evidence is showing that ERME works differently to other products by breaking down the carbohydrates before they hit the gut and cause problems. It makes sense that people are feeling the impact of this in reduction of digestive symptoms.”

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