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BOC Sciences Developed Strain Expression Systems to Enhance Fermentation Productivity

BOC Sciences developed strain expression systems based on fermentation microorganisms, including most prokaryotic and eukaryotic microbes, to improve strain performance and metabolic capacities, thereby helping researchers greatly enhance fermentation productivity while significantly reducing costs.


Microbial strains have been constructed to establish metabolic pathways for various applications. However, the improvement of the fermentation process is frequently associated with a lot of challenges: it's expensive, laborious, open-ended, and time-consuming. In order to obtain better outcomes, an increasing number of synthetic biology tools are being developed and combined with metabolic engineering to optimize the performance of microbial strains, such as chiral molecules.


Having been dedicated to microbial drug research and development for more than 20 years, BOC Sciences has built robust strain systems for fermentation that can cover all development processes, from simple projects to challenging microbial fermentation research. Its team of experienced scientists is well-trained in using microorganisms cultured on the medium to produce various organic molecules with complex structures, including chiral and stereoselective compounds.


Based on its strain expression systems, the company can genetically manipulate various strains and improve the overexpression of target molecules. Meanwhile, both prokaryote (E. coli, B. Subtilis, Streptomyces spp.) and eukaryote (yeast, insect cells, and mammalian cells) systems are comprehensively covered. BOC Sciences, therefore, provides full support for customers' fermentation developments in the applications of microbial production and metabolic research.


With its industry-leading expertise, its experts can convert a variety of conventional strains into modified strains and scale up clients' fermentation yields. Its portfolio of products has been successfully used as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), including antibodies, proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides, and many others.  


BOS Sciences' marketing manager said: "Combined with high-throughput screening and other synthetic biology technologies, our strain systems enable us to improve the host strain performance by undertaking a variety of strain development activities such as genetic recombination, gene overexpression, transfection, and more. Our experts will assist your fermentation projects by providing helpful technical support."


About BOC Sciences

BOC Sciences is a life science organization with an experienced team of experts in the fields of microbiology, chemistry, and biology. With a surge in the need for fermented biologics, it's becoming necessary to further enhance fermentation productivity while cutting costs. BOC Sciences have made certain improvements in this field by providing professional, high-quality products and services related to microbial metabolites for researchers from the food safety, life sciences, and pharmaceutical industries.


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Last Updated: 01-Sep-2022