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Creative Peptides Released One-Stop Solution for All Peptide Drug Conjugate Needs

New York, United States—Aug 22, 2022—Peptide drug conjugate (PDC) is emerging as a novel type of conjugate drug, showing advantageous features over antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). As a dedicated peptide manufacturer, Creative Peptides provides a one-stop solution for all peptide drug bioconjugation needs to help pharmaceutical clients bring more PDCs to the market.


Structurally, PDC mainly contains three elements—cytotoxin, linker, and targeted peptide, in which a specific peptide sequence covalently connects with the cytotoxin through a decomposable linker. PDCs can be used as tumor-targeting vectors, imaging agents, and diagnostic tools. They have a wide range of indications, involving brain tumor, esophageal tumor, ovarian tumor, multiple myeloma, advanced solid tumor, pancreatic tumor, etc. Compared to ADCs, the synthesis and structural modifications of PDCs can be easily obtained, supporting rational drug design to improve bioavailability, affinity, and stability. Nevertheless, peptides are of lower immunogenicity than antibodies.


Creative Peptides has pioneered in the field of peptide manufacturing for more than a decade and gained a solid reputation with its streamlined synthesis routs, flexible modification techniques, as well as comprehensive analysis toolboxes. With a dedication to moving forward the advancement of peptide drug conjugates, the company releases a full range of custom peptide drug bioconjugation services, from peptide synthesis to the identification of final products by mass spectrum and amino acid analysis. Its team of experienced experts can cross-link peptides with wide categories of biomolecules, conduct GMP-grade peptide synthesis using crude products or HPLC-purified materials, as well as quantify product purity by HPLC and other appropriate analytical techniques.


Moreover, Creative Peptides can adapt hundreds of modifications to peptides for overall stability improvement, diversify structures to better understand biological functions, and moderate antibody immunogenicity for development and production. Its peptide modification services encompass peptide N-terminal modification, peptide tags, fluorescence labeling, and so forth.  


“Our scientists are well versed in peptide design, synthesis, modification, and analysis. Since all of our custom synthesis of biomolecules, modification, or bioconjugation services are manufactured under strict quality control processes, efficient PDCs and fast delivery are guarantees here.” the marketing manager at Creative Peptides said.


About Creative Peptides

Industry analysts revealed that PDC drugs over other conjugate drugs consist of more prominent advantages and broader market development prospects. Attracted by good market potential, the global PDC drug research and development enthusiasm is high. At present, the PDC drug market in many countries is still in its infancy, but with more and more layout enterprises and the deepening of relevant research, the PDC drug market is expected to usher in more development opportunities. Creative Peptides is committed to offering custom peptide synthesis, process development, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical peptide products for customers in the PDC and other research areas.


Creative Peptides Released One-Stop Solution for All Peptide Drug Conjugate Needs

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Last Updated: 01-Sep-2022