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Amcor HealthCareTM AmSkyTM Blister System wins for Recyclable Packaging at the 2022 Sustainability Awards

Amcor HealthCareTM AmSkyTM Blister System wins for Recyclable Packaging at the 2022 Sustainability Awards

  • Amcor HealthCareTM AmSkyTM Blister System wins the Recyclable Packaging award at Packaging Europe’s 2022 Sustainability Awards, recognising the product’s improved sustainability and innovation in healthcare packaging
  • The new packaging meets healthcare companies’ demand for safe, convenient and easier-to-recycle packaging, improving traditional blister packaging design


Zurich, Switzerland, 21 September, 2022: Amcor (NYSE: AMCR) ASX:AMC), a global leader in developing and producing responsible packaging solutions, has been named ‘Recyclable Packaging’ winner at Packaging Europe’s 2022 Sustainability Awards. The company has been recognised for its Amcor HealthCareTM AmSkyTM Blister System, a breakthrough vinyl-free and aluminium-free thermoformed blister system. This recycle-ready* solution is a more sustainable and carbon footprint optimised alternative for the most in-demand healthcare packaging type.


Amcor’s AmSky™ Blister System is designed for both PE rigid and PE flexible recycling streams. It removes the traditional use of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and foil from the packaging by using a Polyethylene (PE) thermoformed blister and lidding film, enabling pharma companies to improve the recyclability of their packaging. Due to its integrated design, the lidding is also child-resistant and senior friendly (CRSF) to ensure safer and convenient packaging. The AmSky™ Blister System also benefits from up to 70% reduction in its carbon footprint** when compared to typical blister packs in the market.


Dr. John Forsyth, Global Product Manager Blister Systems & Sachets at Amcor, said, “AmSky’s breakthrough recycle-ready blister system showcases how material science and design play a vital role in the future of healthcare packaging, and we are delighted to see it recognised for the Recyclable Packaging award. It demonstrates our heritage in healthcare, strong R&D expertise and commitment to ongoing innovation and sustainability.”


AmSky™ Blister System is a global packaging platform for healthcare customers, helping to address - in a more sustainable way - a growing need for a market expected to reach close to USD $47 billion by 2030, according to Reports and Data. The product also contributes to Amcor’s pledge to develop all its packaging to be recyclable or reusable, as well as increase the use of recycled content by 2025.


Packaging Europe’s 2022 Sustainability Awards took place in Lisbon, to honour the industry’s most important sustainable innovations across the packaging value chain.


Learn more about the Healthcare™ AmSkyTM Blister System at:


*Recyclability independently verified by cyclos-HTP.

**Carbon footprint reduction based on an ASSET™ lifecycle assessment. A 70% carbon footprint reduction is based on a cradle-to-grave comparison of a standard PVC blister with Aluminium foil lidding vs. Amcor Healthcare™ AmSky™ PE blister and lidding film. The ASSET™ methodology is certified by the Carbon Trust.

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Last Updated: 22-Sep-2022