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Creative Enzymes Announces the Launch of Kex2 Protease from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, Recombinant

Creative Enzymes, a professional enzyme provider located in New York, USA, is always hammering away at research and trials in order to provide customers with enzyme services and products using its greatest effort. Creative Enzymes recently announced the launch of Kex2 Protease from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Recombinant, for the cleavage of secreted peptides in yeast exogenous protein expression.


Kex2 (E.C. is a protease of the Bacillus subtilis family and is a yeast-encoded precursor processing enzyme. The protease activity of Kex2 is not inhibited by conventional serine protease inhibitors such as peptidase, PMSF, and TPCK. Kex2 is a recombinant protease expressed by genetic engineering technology, and is a calcium-dependent protein hydrolase that can specifically recognize and cleave the C-terminal peptide bond of Arg-Arg, Lys-Arg, etc. Unlike trypsin, Kex2 cannot recognize and cleave the C-terminal peptide bond of single basic amino acid, i.e., arginine or lysine. Hence, Kex2 protease is responsible for processing the precursors of killer toxins and alpha-factors in yeast. It has a molecular weight of 67 kD, an optimum pH of 9.0, an optimum temperature of 37°C and is stable in an acidic environment.


Since the first discovery of brewer's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)-derived Kex2 protease (SCKex2) in the Thorner lab in 1984, researchers have studied the enzymatic properties and industrial applications of SCKex2 in detail. It was found that SCKex2 is capable of performing precursor cleavage not only in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, but also in Pichia pastoris and mammalian cells, which recognizes cleavage sites in precursor proteins and processes them to produce active proteins. In addition, reports have been presented by researchers regarding the structural properties and mechanism of action of the SCKex2 protease. Currently, the expression of SCKex2 using B. birchii has been commercialized as a tool enzyme.


“Creative Enzymes has developed Kex2 proteases from Saccharomyces cerevisiae that can meet different research needs. With decades of experience and unique technology, we are committed to providing customers with the highest quality enzyme products,” stated Creative Enzymes’s executive vice president.


Working on a project involving Kex2 protease? Want more detailed information? Please get in touch with Creative Enzymes at 1-516-855-7709 or email Scientists from Creative Enzymes will be more than happy to serve you.


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