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Kepler Vision Technologies expands into Spain with three psychiatric hospital deployments

Amsterdam, 27th September 2022 — Global leader in AI monitoring software Kepler Vision has announced a new partnership with Hikvision Spain to expand the use of its technology to three psychiatric hospitals in Spain. This move will see care staff empowered to deliver better and faster care of the patients in the event of falls, and assist those suffering from severe dementia.

The installation will see around 120 patients taken care of using 68 streams in both private rooms and public areas. The AI powered solution - the Kepler Night Nurse - is able to detect when patients fall, are experiencing discomfort, or are struggling to stand, and notify staff the instant they are needed to assist. Unlike more basic monitoring solutions like motion detectors, bed matts and wearables, Kepler Night Nurse only alerts staff when patients need them, cutting down on time consuming false alarms while ensuring the fastest response times when help is really needed.

Dr. Harro Stokman, CEO of Kepler Vision Technologies, said: “We are excited to expand on our existing partnership with Hikvision with this latest deployment of Kepler Night Nurse in medical facilities. The use of our software in three facilities will ensure that those in care will receive immediate assistance whenever they need it, and will reduce unnecessary workload on care staff at a point where their time has never been more valuable. We see our work with Hikvision Spain as an important step in our international expansion”

Alfonso Lorenzo, Business Development Manager, said: “The work Kepler has done in creating the Kepler Night Nurse solution has the potential to be revolutionary for patient monitoring in care facilities around the world. We are glad to be making this a reality by using the full spectrum of Kepler Night Nurse’s monitoring capabilities to improve the lives of both patients in care and the staff that look after them. We look forward to working closely with Kepler Vision in future, as our cutting edge camera technology enables them to push their artificial vision system to new heights.”

This partnership builds on the previous work Kepler has done with Hikvision on the development of the Kepler Vision Smart Sensor - as camera system optimised for the Kepler Night Nurse solution to analyse high quality video feeds in order to accurately identify when a client is in need of assistance. Uniquely, the Kepler Vision Smart Sensor uses a fish eye lense video feed to reduce the upload/download requirements of the system, minimising data usage while maximising client coverage.

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Last Updated: 27-Sep-2022