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Quanticate partners with Cancer Research UK to launch DETERMINE Study

Quanticate, a global data-focused clinical research organisation (CRO), has partnered with leading cancer research organisation, Cancer Research UK, to launch the DETERMINE study which will test a range of therapies specifically targeting key genetic changes in cancer cells. 

The first of its kind in the UK, the DETERMINE study will enrol patients with rare cancers, and aim to find out whether existing licensed drugs could be used to treat their type of cancer.

Cohorts will be formed of patients who have an identifiable genetic alteration in their cancer that can be targeted by treatments already approved for use in other cancer types. 

Quanticate has been working with Cancer Research UK’s Centre for Drug Development to ensure the statistical design of the study is optimised. 

“The study will strive to improve the outcome for patients who may have run out of options during their cancer journey” commented David Underwood, CEO at Quanticate.  

“Cancer Research UK has asked adults, young people and children who are suffering with a rare type of cancer to come forward with the possibility that there may be an existing approved drug that could benefit them. Furthermore, analysis from this study could also open up successful treatment options for other patients with similar cancer types who are not enrolled on the trial.” 

“Quanticate is delighted to partner with Cancer Research UK for a program so close to home for many people and we are hopeful that the study will be successful in finding results that will improve the quality of life for many patients.” 

Dr Nigel Blackburn, Director of Cancer Research UK’s Centre for Drug Development said of the project "We’re delighted to partner with Quanticate and welcome the valuable expertise they bring to this incredibly important trial which will allow potentially life-saving treatments to be opened up to people with rare cancers.”

The study will commence across the UK from September 2022. Approximately 15-20 treatment arms will open, each with initial trial cohorts with a target sample size of 30 evaluable patients.

Quanticate is one of the world’s largest global data-focused clinical research organisations (CROs) with a primary focus on data capture, statistical analysis, and clinical trial reporting. Find out more about the business and its oncology expertise here



About Quanticate 

Quanticate is one of the world’s largest global data-focused clinical research organisations (CROs) with a primary focus on data collection and validation, statistical analysis, and clinical trial reporting. As an expert in clinical data, with a long history spanning across 3 decades, Quanticate can rapidly provide high-quality teams that offer flexible solutions for clinical data management, biostatistics, statistical programming, pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) analysis, medical writing, and statistical consultancy.

Quanticate meets the needs of drug‑ and device‑development companies by offering customer‑focused resource solutions from fixed‑cost or functional‑service‑provider (FSP) models through to consultancy. Quanticate has become the trusted supplier of choice for many companies from niche biotechnology and device companies to top tier pharmaceutical giants.


About Cancer Research UK’s Centre for Drug Development  

Cancer Research UK has an impressive record of developing novel treatments for cancer. The Cancer Research UK Centre for Drug Development has been pioneering the development of new cancer treatments for 25 years, taking over 140 potential new anti-cancer agents into clinical trials in patients. It currently has a portfolio of 21 new anti-cancer agents in preclinical development, Phase I or early Phase II clinical trials. Six of these new agents have made it to market including temozolomide for brain cancer, abiraterone for prostate cancer and rucaparib for ovarian cancer. Two other drugs are in late development Phase III trials.  

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Last Updated: 27-Sep-2022