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World Pharmacists Day: UK pharmacists join the celebration of the changing face of modern pharmacy to create healthier futures

Pharmacists from across the globe have shared their thoughts on the changing role of pharmacy as part of celebrations to mark International Federation of Pharmacists’ (FIP) World Pharmacists Day 2022.

27 pharmacists from across the globe and the AmerisourceBergen family, have contributed to a digital book of celebration, which aims to highlight the changing role of pharmacists and how they can create healthier futures. Pharmacists are no longer just ‘chemists’ – some pharmacists are now able to diagnose, treat and prescribe for patients who traditionally may have needed to see a doctor or GP. Others are guardians of their local community – keeping an eye on vulnerable patients who may not have regular contact with other healthcare professionals.

During the COVID-19 pandemic they stepped up to support stretched healthcare systems, with many taking a leading role in the world-wide response. This has evolved further with more and more pharmacists offering vaccination services for COVID-19, as well as flu, chicken pox and ‘holiday’ vaccinations. This changing role of pharmacists is helping them unite to create healthier futures.

Three UK pharmacists are featured in the digital book, you can find them on pages 25-27.

Simon Nelson, Nelsons Pharmacy Group, Wales said: “Remember that the future of healthcare starts today, and to improve better health outcomes we need to work better together.”

Raj Rohilla, Midhurst Pharmacy (West Sussex)/Goys Pharmacy (Battersea)/ Hamlins Pharmacy (Shepherds Bush) said: “We need doors to open and mindsets to change so that all healthcare professionals can work collaboratively to improve the health and wellbeing of people.”

Olutayo Arikawe, Swinford Pharmacy, West Midlands said: “Together, we can achieve the best outcome with our patients and community.”

You can read the digital book in full here:

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Last Updated: 27-Sep-2022