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ACLIV Obtains U.S. EPA Approval

Winning the world’s only top three antivirus certifications (ISO21702, CE, and FDA) and U.S. EPA approval

The first Korean company to win EPA approval for antibacterial and antiviral plastic (films), accelerating the supply of antiviral technologies to global IT companies

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#ACLIV--ACLIV, a Korean biotech company (Managing director: Stewart Kim, has obtained EPA approval. Its EPA registration number is 102332.

ACLIV is now officially allowed to offer its antibacterial and antiviral products to the U.S. market.

EPA offers a certification in the United States. However, it has international authority and status as the size of the U.S. market is extensive, and it is very difficult to get. Only extremely few products in the world, including ACLIV, have received approval in the film material field.

ACLIV is an antiviral film and coating technology that prevents a secondary infection through physical contact on displays and handles. It won ISO 21702 certifications from French Fonderephar and the Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Center, the European CE mark for its antiviral and antibacterial effects, and FDA approval. ACLIV has already become the world’s first antiviral film, with certificates granted from the top three international certificate authorities before the EPA approval.

“The U.S. manages antibacterial and antiviral products very strictly. Without an EPA registration number, no antiviral product can be sold on AMAZON. Having struggled to enter the U.S. market without EPA approval, we became determined to get the approval. After over a year of verification processes, we finally received the approval,” said Stewart Kim, the CEO of ACLIV.

ACLIV is proceeding with a procedure to apply its antiviral technology to smartphones in cooperation with one of the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturers. This company’s new smartphone model, which will be released in the first half of next year, is expected to have ACLIV’s antiviral solution installed.

The surfaces where ACLIV products are applied most are liquid crystal displays, such as kiosks and mobile devices. Touchscreens are a suitable environment for bacteria and viruses to flourish because electric devices are warm and touched by many. Combined with Korea’s screen protecting film technology equipped with the world’s best infrastructure, ACLIV’s antiviral technology is trying to achieve a global standard in regard to protecting film for touchscreens, such as kiosks.

With the recognition of its technology, ACLIV has worked with various global enterprises and institutions, such as global pharmaceutical companies, the most significant European medical device supplier, and the NHS. The company plans to stimulate its global market expansion with EPA approval serving as momentum.


Stewart Kim, CEO

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Last Updated: 13-Oct-2022