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Glenmark launches treatment of breakthrough cancer pain using opioid therapy

Watford, England, October 18, 2022: A new treatment to provide rapid relief of breakthrough pain in adult cancer patients has been announced. Developed by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Fenhuma tablets will deliver fast-acting, pain relief for adults who are already using opioid therapy to manage their chronic background cancer pain.

The treatment – which contains fentanyl, a potent µ-opioid analgesic – is a sublingual preparation that can help patients with cancer to manage episodes of breakthrough pain.


The neurophysiology of cancer pain is complex and, consequently, management involves treatments and palliations including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormones, bisphosphonates and surgery. Breakthrough cancer pain is a sudden, debilitating flare-up of pain commonly experienced by cancer patients.


Using conventional short-acting opioid therapy to manage breakthrough pain can increase opioid burden and exacerbate the side effects of opioid use for patients. Fenhuma, however, provides rapid-onset relief for episodes of breakthrough pain as needed, rather than on a regular basis, as patients can choose to administer treatment themselves once the correct dosage has been determined.


Commenting on the launch, Martin Imms, General Manager of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals UK, said: “Breakthrough pain can be debilitating for people with cancer, and the impact on quality of life cannot be understated1 plus misdiagnosis can lead to a risk of over medicating2. That’s why we are really excited to be introducing Fenhuma, a new treatment which will offer rapid and effective relief for breakthrough cancer pain.


Fenhuma sublingual tablets will be available in six strengths: 100, 200, 300, 400, 600 & 800mcg, and in packs of 10 (100-400mcg only) and 30.

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Last Updated: 18-Oct-2022