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Creative Peptides Rolls Out Ready-to-Ship Fmoc-Tyr(HP03Bzl)-OH Product from Small Quantity to Large Scale

Creative Peptides, the leading biotechnology company focusing on peptides, today announces it provides ready-to-ship Fmoc-Tyr(HP03Bzl)-OH products with 90% and 95% purities, which can be ordered in small amounts or large scale according to client demand.

“Our peptide chemists have successfully manufactured Fmoc-Tyr(HP03Bzl)-OH with purities of 90% and 95%. We reserved in-stock products that have passed quality tests and are ready to ship. We can also upregulate production volume if clients need them in larger quantities,” the marketing manager at Creative Peptides said.

Fmoc-Tyr(HP03Bzl)-OH, an iminium-based coupling reagent, is an excellent building block for the preparation of phosphotyrosine-containing peptides. This derivative can be introduced using standard activation methods, such as TBTU. Under the use of this reagent, peptides with multiple phosphorylation sites have been prepared efficiently by the standard Fmoc solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) strategy.

From production to delivery, Creative Peptides’ Fmoc-Tyr(HP03Bzl)-OH products are produced and tested under strict quality control, and various shipment options are available to ensure international parcels are received by clients in the shortest time. In addition to ready-to-use product delivery, the company also provides free consultation regarding molecular formula and the nature of Fmoc-Tyr(HP03Bzl)-OH and highly specialized customer support, all to expedite clients’ projects moving forward.

Creative Peptides, as the leading manufacturer of amino acids and service provider of custom peptide synthesis, continues to advance its Fmoc SPPS technology, peptide quality, service turnaround, as well as novel synthetic targets so as to fulfill the growing demand from medicinal chemistry and pharmacology. Its scientific team, comprised of experienced experts in the field of peptide technology and synthetic chemistry, has leveraged the reliability of the company in providing very high-quality Fmoc phosphorylated amino acids under solid-phase peptide synthesis at low cost. Creative Peptides helps customers access a broader range of peptide derivatives straightforwardly while guaranteeing the highest level of quality control for all ordered products.

About Creative Peptides

Creative Peptides is a globally recognized biotechnology company that manufactures and supplies quality catalogs as well as custom R&D of GMP peptide & amino acid products and services to the biopharmaceutical industry, diagnostic companies, agri-food firms, academia, and governmental institutions. With extensive experience in solid-phase peptide synthesis, Creative Peptides provides premium quality peptides at the most competitive price.

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Last Updated: 20-Oct-2022