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Creative Proteomics Cytokine Announces the Launch of Chemokine Detection Service

The Cytokine division belongs to Creative Proteomics, which specializes in providing cytokine research and analysis services for researchers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as well as academic institutes and government agencies. Creative Proteomics Cytokine recently launched the Chemokines Detection Service to help thoroughly investigate the many types of chemokines induced by drugs, understand the mechanisms of drug action, and prevent adverse reactions.


Chemokines are a class of small, highly conserved cellular factors with chemotaxis-inducing activity. They mediate the migration pattern and localization of immune cells and have an important role in the innate immune system. Based on their N-terminal four cysteine sequences, chemokines are commonly classified into four subfamilies: CXC, CC, CX3C and C, and signal transduction is mainly through binding to G protein-coupled transmembrane receptors.


Chemokines are multifunctional mediators primarily responsible for recruiting leukocytes to inflammatory tissues. The chemokine signaling network consists of approximately 50 secreted ligands and 20 GPCRs. Studies have shown that this complex system is involved in a variety of physiological processes, including the regulation of cell migration in the immune response.


“Creative Proteomics has a professional chemokine detection platform—Luminex multiplex assay platform. Luminex uses fluorescently encoded microspheres with specific antibodies to different target molecules. The different microspheres can be combined freely to a certain extent so that up to 100 analytes can be tested multiple times simultaneously in a single experiment,” stated Creative Proteomics’s senior scientist.


“We also offer different assays, such as real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction assays, ELISA and flow cytometry, to meet your different research needs. We will choose the right technology combination according to your project, and help researchers obtain higher-quality scientific research data,” he further added.


Creative Proteomics can provide chemokine detection platform for scientific research. Professional analysts can customize exclusive solutions for you according to different purposes. The following are types of chemokine that can be detected:

  1. CXC Subfamily Detection
  2. CC Subfamily Detection
  3. C Subfamily Detection
  4. CX3C Subfamily Detection


About Creative Proteomics

Creative Proteomics is an innovative contract research organization that focuses on using advanced equipment platforms and optimized detection technology to help researchers around the world reduce time and costs. The company has a proprietary laboratory information management system to strengthen laboratory quality monitoring and quality management to ensure the efficiency and security of customer data.



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Last Updated: 04-Nov-2022