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NuroKor secures US market-first with launch of equine bioelectronic therapy system

NuroKor Bioelectronics, a world-leading bioelectronics company, have launched their EquiPod devices into the US equine market. This marks the first time that US horse owners and equestrian professionals have been given access to app-controlled tech specially designed to accelerate their horses’ recovery, manage pain and optimise performance. 


Addressing the national equine health emergency  


Musculoskeletal, lower limb injuries and wounds are one of the main reasons for veterinary visits for all horses and across all levels of equestrian sport in the US. The US equine healthcare market was valued at around $919.6m in 2021, with around 10.5m horses in America. Prolonged injury is expensive for owners and uncomfortable for horses. However, few affordable and effective treatment options exist to prevent the horses’ suffering and accelerate their return to full fitness.


Bringing the therapeutic potential of equine bioelectronics to the US


The first and only app-controlled therapeutic to launch into this market, NuroKor’s EquiPod provides a range of treatment programmes suitable for injured and healthy horses across all ages and levels of performance. This lightweight therapeutic system delivers non-invasive microcurrent to target joints and soft tissues. These regulate or elicit physiological responses known to support or enhance a wide range of physiological repair and recovery processes.


Built based on insights from 3 years of R&D and 2 years of testing, EquiPod offers three programmes: 


  • Repair and recovery, which supports physical recovery and aids healing for wounds and injuries. 
  • Pain management, for the effective and drug-free management of chronic and acute pain. 
  • Maintenance and wellbeing, which aims to promote physical health and functional well-being of joints and soft tissues.


The technology is available for online order at:

A pivotal stage in NuroKor’s global expansion

NuroKor Bioelectronics is the world’s foremost company in the bioelectronic research and product development space. Founded by veteran medical device entrepreneur Rick Rowan, the organisation has already successfully scaled bioelectronic solutions in the human physical therapy and pain management sectors. The launch of their EquiPod product range into the US market is a major milestone in the company’s international expansion, and will be followed up by launches into European and Asian markets over the next 12 months. 


Rick Rowan, NuroKor founder and CEO, comments:   


“When horse owners and professionals lack effective healthcare solutions and therapies, their animals suffer pain and discomfort. And for equine athletes, small injuries or muscle tears can have serious, career-ending and expensive consequences. That’s why NuroKor is bringing our EquiPod technology to the US, where 7.25 million horses stand to benefit.

“Using the latest translational technology from humans, combined with expertise in equine and animal physiology, NuroKor are playing a key role in the forefront of new equine sports medicine and veterinary medtech innovation. 


“As we expand our global reach, NuroKor remains focused upon changing the landscape for improved physical health of equine athletes and the wider global equine populations. Our aim is to revolutionise the available technology to meet their performance, wound care, injury, pain management, and recovery needs. EquiPod represents the first device in our Animal Healthtech bioelectronics development programme, with a planned expansion over five years into other large and small animal markets.” 


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Last Updated: 14-Nov-2022