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Rejuvenate Biomed’s newly appointed Clinical Advisory Board endorses Clinical Phase 2b strategy in sarcopenia

Diepenbeek, Belgium, 15 November 2022 – Rejuvenate Biomed NV (“Rejuvenate”), a biomedical company developing novel combination drugs for age-related diseases, organized a Clinical Advisory Board meeting to discuss the clinical development of lead candidate RJx-01 in sarcopenia. After a fruitful brainstorming session, the Clinical Advisory Board supported the Phase 2b trial design, which will be initiated in 2023.

The Clinical Advisory Board is an independent advisory panel comprised of world-class academics, clinicians, and leaders in the field of sarcopenia. Rejuvenate’s intercontinental Clinical Advisory Board includes: the Chair, Prof. Jean-Yves Reginster, MD, PhD (Switzerland); Prof. Alfonso J. Cruz-Jentoft, MD, PhD (Spain); Prof. Andrea Maier, MD, PhD (Singapore); Prof. Bruno Vellas, MD, PhD (France); Prof. Ivan Bautmans, PhD (Belgium); Prof. Jürgen Bauer, MD, PhD (Germany); Dr. Ludo Haazen, MD (Belgium); Prof. Marco Sandri, MD, PhD (Italy); and Prof. Roger Fielding, PhD (United States). With their complementary expertise, each Clinical Advisory Board member plays an important role in providing scientific guidance and recommendations to Rejuvenate, as the company conducts clinical trials with groundbreaking designs.

The company’s lead candidate RJx-01 is a novel combination drug in development as a treatment for sarcopenia – loss of muscle mass and function, induced by either age or inactivity. A Phase 1b study is currently ongoing, in which its effect on disuse-induced sarcopenia is being assessed. Rejuvenate is planning a subsequent Phase 2b trial to evaluate the effect of RJx-01 on patients with sarcopenia. Thereafter, the company aims to out-license the drug candidate for Phase 3. 

In addition to the ongoing sarcopenia trials, Rejuvenate has generated ample preclinical evidence for RJx-01’s potential as a treatment in multiple other age-related diseases. Consequently, Rejuvenate is initiating conversations with pharmaceutical companies and potential partners to discuss the multiple opportunities to in-license or co-develop the compound.

Prof. Jean-Yves Reginster, MD, PhD, Chair of the Clinical Advisory Board of Rejuvenate: “The treatment of sarcopenia remains an unmet medical need. Despite the fact that sarcopenia represents a clinical, social, financial, and ethical burden for the aging population, no chemical entity has so far been granted a Marketing Authorization to prevent or treat this debilitating condition. RJx-01, a novel and promising combination drug, has demonstrated a beneficial effect on muscle mass and strength during the preliminary steps of its development, combined with a very appealing safety profile. The Phase 2b study, which will promptly be initiated, is considered by the members of the Clinical Advisory Board as an important step towards the development of a new therapeutic approach, which we expect to improve the quality of life of patients with sarcopenia.”

Dr. Ann Beliën, PhD, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rejuvenate: “We are grateful to have these very experienced and knowledgeable advisors brainstorming with us on the design of our next clinical trial. It was a successful meeting with good suggestions and widespread support for our plans. Their endorsement is a major step forward towards a first therapeutic for the prevention and treatment of sarcopenia.”

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Last Updated: 15-Nov-2022