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Mycoplasma Testing Market to achieve CAGR of 12.3% from 2023 and 2032, growing demand for mycoplasma testing in biomanufacturing | insightSLICE

The global Mycoplasma Testing market size was estimated to be US$ 750 million in 2021 and is expected grow at a CAGR of 12.3% between 2023 to 2032.

Mycoplasma Testing Market Report will provide insights into Global Share, Developments, Statistics, and Forecasts, for the year 2022-2032. This study also takes into account the competitive environment and will give an outline of the top market participants in the Mycoplasma Testing Market as well as their plans for the market.

Additionally, the report will also include statistics regarding important advancements, global and regional sales networks, business strategies, research and development initiatives, staff strength, and key executives for all significant market participants.

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As an example of the statistics covered in this report, Thermo Fisher Scientific recorded revenues of USD 24.4 billion in 2018, and the company’s division-level analysis reveals that its revenue in 2018 was primarily generated by its Consumables business sector.

The key players of the Global Mycoplasma Testing Market are:

Thermo Fisher Scientific, American Type Culture Collection (ATCC), Bionique Testing Laboratories, Inc., Biological Industries, Charles River Laboratories International, Inc., InvivoGen, Lonza Group Ltd., Israel Beit Haemek Ltd., Merck KGaA, and PromoCell GmbH.

Benefits of mycoplasma testing and increased adoption rates:

The bacteria known as mycoplasma is unable to carry out metabolism or the creation of nucleotides or amino acids because it lacks a cell wall. Cellular functions change as a result of mycoplasma contamination of cell culture.

The bacterium is the smallest and simplest self-replicating creature, and because of this, it multiplies quickly without being visible with the unaided eye or under a light microscope, necessitating the use of specific testing procedures.

Furthermore, mycoplasma contamination can seriously harm the cell culture, altering metabolite synthesis and resulting in the creation of toxins. Therefore, mycoplasma testing is essential for both the production of biopharmaceuticals and the collection of cells for culture.

For several years, the expansion of mycoplasma testing is anticipated to be complemented by expanding demand from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, increased R&D spending, and rising investments in the production of biopharmaceuticals.

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Detailed coverage of factors and statistics:

With a special focus on every company involved in the global Blood Screening Market, this report offers an in-depth analysis of leading companies with a majority share of the global market. This will help our clients to identify the key players that focus on Blood Screening Services.

Additionally, the market shares of well-known businesses operating in this market would be calculated to provide detailed statistics. To provide an example Thermo Fisher Scientific operates through three product segments which are: Consumables, Instruments, and Equipment & Software services.

The company’s Equipment & Software services contributed US$ 6.34 billion in 2018 and are the ones which are involved in the production of mycoplasma testing products throughout the globe.

The report on the global mycoplasma testing market includes information on all the significant players operating in this market, including corporate strategies, product portfolios, SWOT analyses, and the most recent R&D initiatives.

Additionally, the Mycoplasma Testing Market company segments and their services will be considered in this study. One section will be devoted to researching the company’s product line and will list all of the goods and services supplied to such segments.

Similarly, the recent developments section of this report will concentrate on the most recent advancements in the global mycoplasma testing the market for the years 2022 to 2032, including their growth strategies, joint ventures, and key product launches and collaborations.

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Regional performance of Mycoplasma Testing Market

Currently, the North American region accounted for the highest share of the worldwide mycoplasma testing market, and it is predicted that it will continue to hold this position during the report forecast period.

The main drivers of growth during the projected timeframe would be rising investments in biopharmaceutical and biomedical research and development as well as a steady pharmaceutical production industry.

A developing pharmaceutical manufacturing sector is expected to be found throughout the Asia Pacific, particularly in India, China, and Southeast Asia. The expansion of R&D facilities by international manufacturers in China and India is also expected to drive the market for mycoplasma testing in the Asia Pacific region.

Global Mycoplasma Testing Market Key Segments:

By Product

  • Instruments
  • Kits & Reagents
    • PCR Assays
    • Nucleic Acid Detection Kits
    • Stains
    • Elimination Kits
    • Standards & Controls
    • Others
  • Services

By Technology

  • PCR
  • Direct Assay
  • Indirect Assay
  • Microbial Culture Techniques
  • Enzymatic Methods

By Application

  • Cell Line Testing
  • Virus Testing
  • End of Production Cells Testing
  • Others

By End Use

  • Academic Research Institutes
  • Cell Banks
  • Contract Research Organizations
  • Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies
  • Others

By Geography:

  • North America
    • United States
    • Canada
    • Rest of North America
  • Europe
    • Germany
    • United Kingdom
    • Italy
    • France
    • Spain
    • Rest of Europe
  • Asia Pacific
    • Japan
    • India
    • China
    • Australia
    • Rest of Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa
    • UAE
    • Saudi Arabia
    • South Africa
    • Rest of Middle East & Africa
  • South America
    • Brazil
    • Rest of South America

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