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Curebase Releases Diagnostic Offering that Delivers First All-Inclusive Package of Software and Services Needed to Fully Execute Diagnostic Studies

Start-up trials achieved in eight to 12 weeks, a fraction of typical timeframe

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Curebase, a company committed to democratizing access to clinical studies, today announced the release of an integrated, plug-and-play software and full trial services offering that allows sponsors of diagnostic studies to accelerate enrollment and launch their trials more quickly, as the sole execution partner. 

The new Curebase offering is the first one-stop-shop, flexible software and service package for the diagnostics market. Available now, the software and services package:

  • Helps get innovative diagnostics to market faster
  • Reduces the costs to run diagnostic studies
  • Decreases start-up times by leveraging existing infrastructure and sites
  • Increases enrollment rates through experienced in-house recruitment
  • Improves health equity by enabling participation from populations that historically have lacked access to clinical trials

For most diagnostic study sponsors, launching a study is an arduous process that requires them to find a software vendor, sites, a principal investigator (PI), and a clinical research organization (CRO).

This new diagnostics offering leverages the pre-configurations and learning models built into Curebase's flexible decentralized clinical trial (DCT) platform as well as its site, and CRO services, allowing sponsors to quickly and effectively launch a study. This comprehensive solution includes everything a sponsor needs: No scrambling for sites or PIs, no need to start from scratch in configuring software, no lengthy, costly recruitment process, and no multi-vendor management for CRO services.

"Our goal is to offer diagnostic study sponsors an all-in-one solution, so they won't have to go anywhere else to run their studies," said Storm Stillman, chief operating officer at Curebase and former diagnostic company founder. "This package fills a huge need in the diagnostic study market by efficiently getting studies started and finished through a unified approach."

Curebase has extensive experience in diagnostic research, running roughly 30 studies since 2020 and consenting more than 10,000 patients. The company has used this experience to design and execute flexible study models through this plug-and-play diagnostics package.

The Curebase offering is especially useful for at-home, in vitro, and liquid biopsy diagnostics in infectious disease and oncology – all of which struggle to get products to market faster because their studies typically require enrolling thousands of patients. Curebase's DCT approach opens enrollment to a broader group of patients who can participate in a study with their local providers and/or virtually. In a recent preeclampsia study, for example, a sponsor enrolled more than 500 patients in just one month through the Curebase platform, compared to the five to 10 patients per month that study sites typically enroll.

Not only does the Curebase DCT model accelerate the enrollment process, but it also strengthens trials by expanding access to more geographically, racially, and ethnically diverse groups of participants, thus promoting health equity. In a recent colorectal cancer (CRC) diagnostic study with Persephone Biosciences, Curebase successfully enrolled and engaged high-risk patient populations that are typically underrepresented in CRC research.   Once a trial is underway, the Curebase platform makes it easy to securely collect and share patient data, whether it's generated from a patient site visit or remotely through a telemedicine session.

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Last Updated: 13-Dec-2022