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CD Formulation Launches One-stop OEM/ODM and Analytical Testing Solutions for Cosmetics

The past decade has seen exponential growth of the cosmeceutical market in the personal care industry. There is increasing use of alpha hydroxy acids for skin rejuvenation as well as the use of vitamin C in topical formulations as an antioxidant. In response to such a trend, CD Formulation recently launched one-stop OEM/ODM and analytical testing solutions for cosmetic formulations.

Equipped with experienced research teams in chemistry and biology, CD Formulation has already been an active player in developing pharmaceutical formulations and providing end-to-end integrated solutions from pre-formulation design to final product commercial package development. Now it also shows outstanding expertise in effectively developing cosmetic products.

“At present, we are capable of producing, developing, and testing various types of cosmetic products, aiming to help our customers commercialize their products in a faster fashion,” said the Marketing Chief of CD Formulation.

Cosmeceuticals refer to topical preparations that are sold as cosmetic products but have performance characteristics suggestive of certain pharmaceutical effects.

“For instance, if consumers observe closely enough, they could find that in skincare and beauty products with special functions, like ginseng skin lotion, acne cream, and freckle cream, some drug ingredients have been added to achieve certain effects. The most commonly seen functions are to nourish the skin, protect the skin, prevent or delay skin aging as well as to prevent and treat certain skin diseases,” the Chief further added.

CD Formulation offers integrated solutions for cosmetics, covering:

One-stop OEM/ODM Services for Cosmetics

With a professional R&D and production team, CD Formulation can perform OEM manufacturing and ODM formulation design services for make-up removers, clean series, toners, essence, liquid ampoules, emulsion, cream, masks, body & hand care, fragrance, and many other types of cosmetic products. Contract services like customized formulas, bottle and packaging design, product information, and product inspection are all optional throughout the whole process.

One-stop Test Services for Cosmetics

With proven expertise in cosmetic testing, CD Formulation offers a variety of services, including microbial contamination test, hazardous substance test, risk substances test, restricted substances analysis, preservative test, HET-CAM test as well as other efficacy tests, to help check the safety, quality, and performance of clients’ cosmetic products.

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Combining robust expertise and years of experience, CD Formulation is undoubtedly a good partner for drug developers who urgently need to overcome drug formulation and delivery challenges. Fairly recently, the company has further extended its business range into cosmetics design, manufacturing, analysis and testing.

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Last Updated: 23-Dec-2022