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Eclipsebio Launches eSHAPE™ Product Family to Provide RNA Structure Probing at AGBT 2023

Eclipsebio’s eSHAPE™ product family is a combination of kits, services, and databases, that facilitates the study of RNA secondary structure in both in vitro and in cellulo conditions

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#RNA--Eclipse Bioinnovations (Eclipsebio), a leading RNA genomics company developing and commercializing novel, data-driven technologies that interrogate RNA, today announced the launch of its eSHAPE™ suite of technologies that enable exploration of RNA secondary structure from RNA samples. Details on the eSHAPE technology, how researchers can benefit from it, and the different products involved will be available at a networking event and a break table discussion at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) 2023 General Meeting being held February 6-9 in Hollywood, Florida.

“The launch of the eSHAPE product family is an important landmark to better understand RNA biology and apply new discoveries to advance therapeutic research, among other applications,” said Eclipsebio CEO and co-founder Peter Chu, Ph.D. “Researchers can now not only benefit from our eSHAPE kits and services to make their own studies on RNA structure but also from the databases we generate from cell lines and different tissues.”

The eSHAPE technology measures local RNA flexibility both in purified, deproteinized RNA (in vitro) revealing flexibility information across the RNA strand and in cellular conditions (in cellulo) revealing flexibility in regions not bound by proteins. Through the combination of in vitro and in cellulo mutation rates, eSHAPE can identify RNA positions that interact with proteins.

The available eSHAPE products are:

  • eSHAPE single RNA for probing the secondary structure of single RNA molecules in vitro
  • eSHAPE total RNA for probing the secondary RNA structure of total RNA samples in vitro or in cellulo conditions

eSHAPE kits provide single and total RNA products for 16 and 32 samples.

The available eSHAPE databases are:

  • eSHAPE db-K562 that provides a deeply sequenced database of in vitro, in cellulo SHAPE data, and eSHAPE data
  • eSHAPE db-tissue that provides a deeply sequenced database with in vitro SHAPE probing data from human brain and liver tissues
  • eSHAPE db-custom to create a deeply sequenced database with in vitro, in cellulo, and eSHAPE data from any cell line or tissue of choice

For more information about eSHAPE and our other products, find Eclipsebio at:

  • AGBT’s Women’s Networking Event: February 7, 5:30PM to 7:30PM EST, 33rd Floor Lounge, Table #4
  • Break Table: February 8, 10:30AM to 11:10AM EST, Sponsor Promenade

About Eclipsebio’s RNA Genomics Platform and Products

Eclipsebio’s comprehensive RNA genomics platform is poised to build the world’s most detailed multi-dimensional RNA maps through transcriptome-wide views of RNA interactions with RNA binding proteins (RBP-eCLIP™), RNA modifications such as m6A (m6A-eCLIP™), alternative transcription start site and polyadenylation site usage (EndSeq™), and microRNA-mRNA interactions (miR-eCLIP™), profile translation (eRibo™) and probe RNA structure (eSHAPE™).

About Eclipsebio

Eclipsebio is a private biotechnology company developing first-in-class technologies to accelerate the development of tomorrow’s key RNA genomics discoveries and medicines. The company offers its end-to-end RNA genomics products as services and kits and also provides custom RNA genomics services for select partners. Eclipsebio is headquartered in San Diego. For more info, visit


Company Contact: Peter Chu, Ph.D., CEO,, +1.858.255.8115
Media Contact: Jessica Yingling, Ph.D., Little Dog Communications Inc.,, +1.858.344.8091

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