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Foot Levelers Case Study Validates Benefits of Mother Nurture™ Custom, Flexible Orthotics, Relieves Musculoskeletal Pain During and After Pregnancy

ROANOKE, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Foot Levelers, the world’s leading provider of custom-crafted custom, flexible orthotics serving multi-disciplinary professionals and clinicians, today released a case study documenting the role and value of Mother Nurture™, a multi-part system of custom-crafted, flexible orthotics specially designed to reduce or eliminate back or foot pain and discomfort during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy as well as a third set for postpartum use during the months following delivery. These custom, flexible orthotic sets provide specific support for functional alignment, movement and balance, are constructed of durable materials that women can wear daily with their everyday shoes and allow women to forego pharmaceutical intervention for pain.

“While an expectant mother recognizes that her body is undergoing tremendous transformation during pregnancy to accommodate the growth of a developing baby, she may be unprepared for the onset of joint laxity that leads to back pain, joint pain and mechanical instability,” says Jamie Greenawalt, president, Foot Levelers, citing a recent European study which showed 33% of postpartum mothers were classified with lumbopelvic pain, with 40% reporting moderate to severe disability. “The Mother Nurture™ orthotic system is specifically designed for a woman's body during and after pregnancy, providing a superior advantage over unisex options, which typically require a wider footbed to accommodate the anatomy of male feet. Mother Nurture™ also impacts other issues during and after pregnancy, such as swelling and stress on the feet —which may collapse the three arches and cause full-body imbalance.”

She explains that back and joint pain result as the body releases relaxin, a natural hormone that prepares the uterus for birth and softens the connective tissue between skeletal bones.

  • With anatomical changes, a woman’s posture adapts to weight fluctuations, her center of balance fluctuates and her mobility changes. Her pelvis tilts to conform to the expanding uterus, her shoulders may drop, and her knees may rotate from their regular positions.
  • The softening and loosening of her connective tissue reduces support to her musculoskeletal system. These changes can cause low-grade pain, disrupting her daily activities, rest and mobility.
  • Pregnancy weight gain and soft tissue laxity may also cause permanent changes to a mother's foot anatomy, leading to systemic issues during postpartum and beyond. If a woman doesn't receive proper postpartum care, she may continue to experience lumbopelvic pain, leading to chronic pain.

“Each pair of flexible, custom-crafted orthotics addresses the patient’s unique foot structure and the anticipated changes in her body during and right after pregnancy,” continues Greenawalt. “We designed Mother Nurture™ to be custom-crafted using proprietary algorithms compatible with Foot Levelers technology and programs. Doctors who currently prescribe Foot Levelers custom orthotics are confident in prescribing Mother Nurture™ to their pregnant patients.”

The case study includes reports from users, including an ICU nurse/manager who said they helped her complete her workday comfortably without the added stress of returning home with aches and pains: “I didn’t have back pain my entire pregnancy – even after my shift – which was a major relief. I was also more focused and active at work, so I could be more involved in caring for my patients. You tend to focus on yourself when you have pain, so the orthotics helped me stay comfortable during my pregnancy.”

In comparison to over-the-counter insoles and inserts, Greenawalt says, “These over the counter (OTC) products are not responsive to rapid changes in a pregnant woman’s body, including weight gain and center-of-balance fluctuations. Furthermore, OTC inserts are ineffective in resolving musculoskeletal aches and pains that commonly occur during pregnancy because they aren't tailor-made for a woman's unique foot structure.”

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