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Powered By Proteomics, iuno Launches Personalized Skincare System

Merging technology, science and beauty; the brand is poised to usher in a new era of biotech-driven, proactive health and wellness.

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--iuno enters the market as the pioneer of proteomic skincare: studying our individual protein composition to create customized skin solutions, unique to the user. Today, iuno officially opens their Beta program to the public, providing the chance to experience a truly personalized and evolving beauty routine.

Offering a glimpse into the future of skincare, The iuno Protocol utilizes cutting-edge science and technology at every touchpoint. First, the customer completes, and returns, a simple at-home finger prick test which collects five small drops of blood. While this protein sample, or proteomics, is analyzed by iuno’s partners at biotechnology scientific laboratory Olink, iuno’s customer begins caring for their skin with the 14-day skin primer kit. Based on the proteomics, a three-month personalized skincare routine is created and delivered to the customer, who applies their formulation via a misting device, and tracks their daily progress via the AI-skin-analysis app. The skincare treatments are created from 60,000 possible combinations of specially selected active ingredients in varying blends tailored to each individual.

Infamously, other companies have tried and failed to modernize and miniaturize blood testing. Dr. Anu Thubagere and her team, however, in partnership with the renowned proteomics company, Olink, are thrilled to introduce proteomics’ validated technology, already used in precision medicine, to a broader audience. iuno will improve the field of health and wellness, starting with skincare, to bridge the gap between how we look and how we feel.

Skin is affected by both environmental conditions and internal factors, and can be better understood and cared for when we consider its protein composition. 83% of skin concerns such as acne, rosacea, dry skin, sensitive skin and wrinkles are driven by proteins in our blood. By testing and analyzing these proteins, The iuno Protocol eliminates guesswork and delivers personalized solutions for individual skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, dullness, blemish-proneness, firmness, redness and fine lines, increasing skin resiliency from the inside out.

iuno was founded by bioengineer wife and husband team Dr. Anu Thubagere, former Caltech scholar and employee at Alphabet Inc.’s X, the moonshot factory; and Dr. Ashwin Gopinath, MIT professor and co-founder of a proteomic technology company with a successful exit.

The iuno team, supported by a robust advisory board including prominent individuals including the co-founder & CEO of Honey, George Ruan; co-founder and CTO of Fitbit, Eric Friedman; and the co-founder & CTO of Pacific Biosciences, Stephen Turner; is poised to lead the way in the field of lifestyle-based skin solutions through the power of proteomics.

“Our skin cells renew every 28 days and our skincare should reflect that transformation. At iuno, we take the guesswork out of achieving healthy skin, built on the premise that your skin solution should be as unique as you. Our proprietary combination of proteomics, high-quality ingredients, custom formulations, and artificial intelligence provides a truly personalized and effective experience,” says Anu Thubagere, iuno Co-Founder and CEO.

With the public release of its Beta program, iuno invites users to be among the first to experience proteomic skincare.

For $99, iuno offers an at-home finger prick test, a personal proteomic report, and a 14-day skin priming kit. Users can opt in to the personalized skincare regimen and app access after receiving their results for $249.

For $299, iuno offers the at-home test, a personal proteomic report, skin priming set, plus the 3x28-day skincare regimen and app access.

To join the Beta program, sign up here.
To learn more about iuno, visit

About Iuno

Founded by bioengineer wife-and-husband duo, Dr. Anu Thubagere and Dr. Ashwin Gopinath, iuno [pronounced i-you-know] is building the foundations of technology’s next frontier for human application: individualization of health products using your own biology. After a leukemia diagnosis blindsided Anu while working on her Ph.D, the bioengineer turned to proteomics to solve for the plight so many face with reactive skin. The iuno Protocol combines regular data collection - imaging, lifestyle and behavioral - to create bio-responsive personalized products for improving and maintaining the quality of the largest organ in the human body - the skin. It is the only skincare regimen designed for your biology. Through proteomics and AI, iuno develops bespoke skincare products using each individual's unique DNA.


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