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Kanabo Group Launches ‘Treat It’ - UK’s First Online Medicinal Cannabis Clinic For Chronic Pain Management

- The first established primary healthcare provider to launch an online medical cannabis prescriptions service for chronic pain -

- From consultation to receiving a prescription in days -

- 8 million adults suffer from chronic pain in the UK -

- Conventional pharmaceutical treatments often don’t work and can have side effects -

- Patients referred by a GP to a pain clinic often wait up to 13 weeks -

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Kanabo Group today announced the launch of Treat It the UK’s first online medical cannabis clinic for pain management. Treat It solves the problem faced by millions of chronic pain sufferers in the UK whose conventional pharmaceutical treatments are not working or are frustrated by long wait times to be referred for treatment. Built on a unique health tech platform, which accesses the patient’s medical record, Treat It is able to provide high-quality treatments quickly and efficiently.

Treat It, powered by the GP Service - a Kanabo Group company, provides secure online access to an experienced doctor, usually within less than 24hrs. The doctor will assess an individual’s condition, and because Treat It has access to the patient's medical record, can efficiently make a recommendation for treatment. Treat It prescriptions are processed and securely delivered by a network of partner pharmacies direct to the patient, usually within a week. Repeat prescriptions are sent the next day.

Where conventional treatments have not worked, the specialist doctor can prescribe medicinal cannabis, which has been shown to relieve pain for a range of common chronic pain conditions. Treat It differs from existing private medical cannabis clinics in that it is an online primary healthcare provider, uniquely connecting the patient and their medical record, a doctor and the dispensing pharmacy.

Treat It aims to address the issue of limited access to pain management treatments for the approximately 8 million chronic pain sufferers in the UK. According to recent data, 24% of chronic pain sufferers in the UK are currently being prescribed opioids, making up approximately 3 million of the potential patients who can benefit from switching to medicinal cannabis.

Conditions including Migraine, Sciatica, Cancer, Joint, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuropathic, Back and Neck pain often leave sufferers desperate to find relief. Pressures on the NHS, long wait lists for referral of up to 13 weeks and conventional pharmaceutical treatments that can have side effects mean that millions of chronic pain sufferers are being underserved and left to manage their pain on their own.

Suleman Sacranie, the founder of the GP service, said: “Millions with chronic pain are suffering in the UK needlessly because they can’t get timely access to medication. Our secure patient medical record system is optimised for patient outcomes so that a Treat It doctor will consult with a patient within a few hours and, where appropriate, prescribe medicinal cannabis with delivery possible in a few days,"

Avihu Tamir, Kanabo Group CEO, added, "With Treat It, we are putting the power back into the hands of patients by offering secure and easy access to medical cannabis treatments and delivering them right to the doorstep. We recognise the need for alternative treatments to conventional pharmaceuticals, which often leave chronic pain sufferers frustrated and underserved."

Treat It is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and has an ISO 27001 certification, as the highest standard for information security. To prescribe medicinal cannabis, a doctor must be registered with the General Medical Council and follow the guidelines set out by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

Treat It is available now to UK patients for an initial consultation cost of £79.99, with the cost of medicinal cannabis prescription varying depending on each individual case.

Kanabo’s treatment portfolio focuses on pain management using medications and treatments, including medicinal cannabis, which are currently unavailable through traditional channels, but demand for these products is growing.

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About Kanabo Group Plc

Kanabo Group Plc (LSE:KNB) is a Healthtech company committed to revolutionising patient care through its innovative technology platform and disruptive product offerings. Since its inception in 2017, Kanabo has been focused on researching, developing, and commercialising regulated medicinal cannabis-derived formulations and therapeutic inhalation devices.

Kanabo's NHS-approved online telehealth platform, The GP Service, provides patients with video consultations, online prescriptions, and primary care services. The company is a leader in its field, focusing on improving patient outcomes and providing more accessible healthcare experiences.

In March 2023, Kanabo successfully launched its Pain Clinic, Treat It, under the expert guidance of its technological and product expertise. Treat It initially focuses on chronic pain management using plant-based medicine and treatments that are currently unavailable through traditional channels.

At Kanabo Group Plc, we are dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality medical treatments and more accessible healthcare experiences.

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