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Creative Proteomics Launches BioID Platform for Proximity-Dependent Biotin Identification

Molecular Interaction is a subdivision of Creative Proteomics that focuses on the study of biomolecular interactions. The project manager of the division is proud to announce the launch of its BioID platform for proximity-dependent biotin identification. This latest platform offers a highly sophisticated and innovative tool for investigating protein-protein interactions and identifying the specific targets of a protein in complex cellular environments.


The BioID platform is based on a proximity-dependent labeling technique that uses a promiscuous biotin ligase enzyme to attach biotin to proteins in close proximity. The biotinylated proteins can then be isolated and identified using mass spectrometry-based protein analysis, providing insights into the proteins and pathways involved in various biological processes.


“Protein-protein interactions are essential for many cellular processes, and understanding these interactions is critical for advancing our understanding of disease mechanisms and developing new therapies,” said the senior scientist at Creative Proteomics. “The BioID platform provides a powerful tool for investigating these interactions in a high-throughput and unbiased manner.”


One of the key advantages of the BioID platform is its ability to identify proteins that interact with a target protein within the complex environment of the cell. This is achieved by expressing a fusion protein consisting of the target protein and the biotin ligase enzyme in the cell, which results in the biotinylation of proteins in close proximity to the target protein. The labeled proteins can then be captured and identified using mass spectrometry-based protein analysis.


Creative Proteomics offers a range of services based on the BioID platform, including target identification, validation, and characterization. The platform can be used for a variety of applications, including drug discovery, protein engineering, and biomarker discovery.


“We are excited to offer the BioID platform to our clients, and we believe that it will be a valuable addition to our portfolio of proteomics services. Our team of highly skilled and experienced scientists is dedicated to providing the highest quality services to our clients, and we are committed to helping them achieve their research goals,” he further added.


The launch of the BioID platform represents a significant step forward in the field of proteomics, providing researchers with a powerful tool for investigating protein-protein interactions and identifying specific protein targets within complex cellular environments. With its expertise and capabilities in the field of proteomics, Creative Proteomics is well-positioned to provide high-quality services to researchers in the academic, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries.


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