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CD Genomics Supports Immune and Cancer Research with TCR-Seq Service

CD Genomics is a world-leading genomics services company that continues to innovate in high throughput sequencing services for the genomics industry, as well as genotyping, bioinformatics, microarrays, and more. The company has recently launched TCR-seq, a powerful service that enables rapid and efficient analysis of T-cell receptor (TCR) diversity and clonality, providing critical support for immune and cancer research.


As immunotherapy gains widespread use, increasing attention is being focused on T-cell clone diversity and clonality, which is crucial for evaluating the effectiveness and safety of immunotherapy. TCR-Seq is a state-of-the-art high-throughput sequencing technology that comprehensively analyzes T-cell clones. CD Genomics’ TCR-Seq service can be applied to various sample types, including blood, tissue, and cells, to obtain high-quality TCR sequences that enable researchers to gain a comprehensive understanding of T-cell clone diversity and clonality.


The TCR-Seq service provides several advantages:

First, CD Genomics efficiently extracts DNA or RNA and uses the Illumina platform for high-throughput sequencing, ensuring the quality and reliability of the data.

Second, CD Genomics utilizes multiple bioinformatics tools, including VDJtools and tcR, to accurately genotype TCR sequences and identify clones.

Finally, CD Genomics provides detailed analysis reports that help researchers gain an in-depth understanding of T-cell clone diversity and clonality in the samples.


“Our TCR-Seq service enables researchers to gain a better understanding of T-cell clone diversity and clonality, providing critical support for immunotherapy research and development,” said a senior scientist at CD Genomics. “Our service delivers rapid and efficient analysis of T-cell receptors, providing researchers with accurate and reliable data that drives further development in immune and cancer research.”


The TCR-Seq service has a broad range of applications and can be used in research and development of immunotherapy drugs, cancer immunology, viral infection research, and other areas. CD Genomics also offers a suite of other genetic sequencing services, including RNA-Seq, WGS, WES, and more, providing comprehensive genetic sequencing solutions for researchers.


Moreover, the solution used has high sensitivity and specificity, detecting even tiny amounts of TCR in low-concentration samples and detecting all TCR, allowing researchers to obtain more comprehensive and accurate information, providing a better understanding of the immune system's mechanism. CD Genomics’ TCR sequencing solution is a high-quality, reliable, and comprehensive analysis method, providing researchers with a more in-depth and accurate analysis of the immune system.


About CD Genomics

CD Genomics is a genomics service provider well-known for providing reliable sequencing and bioinformatics analysis services, covering the delivery of high-quality next-generation sequencing, long read sequencing, and microarray services for the research community.



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Last Updated: 04-Apr-2023