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ScribeEMR Introduces New Virtual Medical Office Servicessm (VMOS) to Streamline Medical Office Operations and Enhance Patient Care Quality

WOBURN, MA, April 24, 2023 - ScribeEMR, a leading provider of virtual medical scribing and medical coding services, is introducing Virtual Medical Office Servicessm (VMOS), the industry's first comprehensive solution for streamlining administrative tasks, improving patient care, and enhancing the overall efficiency of medical practices, hospitals, and health systems.

ScribeEMR developed its new VMOS offerings to address acute healthcare industry staffing shortages, physician and staff burnout, and other surging administrative burdens.

VMOS provides virtual, end-to-end, front, and back-office support managed by teams of highly trained medical specialists who replace or augment administrative staff.

Some of the most requested VMOS services include:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Insurance verification/Prior Authorization
  • Chart prepping
  • Fax management
  • New patient registration
  • Referral Coordination
  • Co-payment reconciliation and follow-up

Healthcare providers utilizing VMOS programs are already experiencing significant cost advantages and benefits:

  • Reduced administrative burden: Dedicated virtual medical office specialists can handle many administrative tasks, which enhances overall efficiency and allows clinical staff to focus on patient care.
  • Improved patient satisfaction: 94% of patients report increased satisfaction with the communications and support they receive from dedicated VMOS specialists, which leads to better overall patient outcomes.
  • Cost savings: Implementing a VMOS program can save up to 25% of the cost of hiring in-house staff, especially for organizations that need to scale up quickly.
  • Increased coverage: Healthcare providers can maintain nearly 100% coverage despite industry staffing shortages.
  • No additional technology: VMOS teams follow HIPPA-compliant protocols by working within a client's existing electronic medical record (EMR) system, so no new technology integration is necessary.

“With the addition of ScribeEMR Virtual Medical Office Services to our range of services, we are continuing our commitment to empowering healthcare providers with innovative, data-driven solutions," says ScribeEMR Co-founder Daya Shankar. "ScribeEMR VMOS offerings will enhance how medical practices, hospitals, and health systems manage their administrative tasks, ultimately leading to better quality patient care."

Clients concur that VMOS is helping to streamline administrative medical office processes. "ScribeEMR's VMOS has been a game-changer for our medical practice," says Michelle Nobles at the South Shore Skin Center in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Their team is highly skilled and efficient, handling tasks like prior authorization, chart prep, and patient communication, allowing our clinical staff to focus on providing care."

For more information about ScribeEMR's Virtual Medical Office Servicessm (VMOS) program, or to schedule a consultation, please visit medical-office-services  or call (800) 200-8739.

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Last Updated: 24-Apr-2023