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ABPI response to DHSC antimicrobial resistance research funding

The Department of Health and Social Care have announced £39 million of funding for antimicrobial resistance research.

Claire Machin, ABPI Executive Director of International Policy and UK Competitiveness said: “This is a positive step for research into finding long term solutions for AMR. Beyond research there is an essential need for collaboration, on a global scale, that allows research efforts to be developed into effective antibiotics available for all. 

“Alongside today’s announcement, England has also been leading the way as the first country to implement a pilot scheme for incentivising the development of new treatments using an innovative payment arrangement, but the UK acting on it's own cannot combat AMR.  Multiple global solutions which bring together governments, healthcare systems and the pharmaceutical industry are needed at scale if we are to stand a chance against AMR.

“We look forward to NHS plans for taking forward the learnings from the pilot, and the development of a more permanent solution for the development of new treatments against AMR.”

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Last Updated: 23-May-2023