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Molecure completes successful Secondary Public Offering (SPO) of approximately PLN 50 million (USD 12 million) with proceeds to be used to fund and build a first in class, sustainable pipeline of breakthrough therapies


  • Closing of equity offering of 2,776,000 series H shares by private placement, offered within the authorised capital, at an issue price of PLN 18 per share
  • Series H shares were subscribed for by 35 investors, new and existing institutional investors participated in the placement
  • Investor interest was very high and the offer was oversubscribed
  • The Company will leverage the recently completed capital raise to co-finance the implementation of Molecure's strategic plans for 2023-2025

Warsaw, 21 July 2023 - Molecure S.A. ("Molecure", WSE ticker: MOC), a biotechnology company discovering and developing drugs to the clinical stage, which leverages its globally unique expertise in
in medicinal chemistry and biology to explore and develop first-in-class small-molecule drugs that directly modulate protein activity and mRNA function to treat a wide range of incurable diseases, announced that it has successfully closed a SPO and entered into subscription agreements for all 2,776,000 H shares offered by way of private placement, within the authorized capital. The issue price was set at PLN 18, bringing the gross value of the offering to approximately PLN 50 million.

"We have successfully closed the H-share offering, which garnered significant interest from existing and new investors. We would like to thank all investors for participating in the offering and for the trust they have placed in Molecure. During the offering, we encountered a very good reception to our strategy and a positive evaluation of the Company's growth potential, which translated into investor interest several times higher than the number of shares offered. Considering the current market conditions, we view the execution of the share issue as a remarkable achievement. The proceeds from the offering will be utilized to finance the advancement of Molecure's clinical and research programmes, aimed at developing effective therapies to address numerous incurable diseases afflicting patients" - said Marcin Szumowski, CEO and shareholder of Molecure S.A.


The proceeds raised through the offering will co-finance the implementation of the Company's strategic plans for 2023-2025, particularly the clinical development of its two flagship programmes, namely OATD-01 (a first-in-class chitotriosidase 1 (CHIT1) inhibitor for interstitial lung disease) and OATD-02 (a first-in-class dual arginase inhibitor for cancer).

Additionally, efforts will be intensified in a portfolio of early-stage programmes, including breakthrough small-molecule drug technology that modulates mRNA translation and therapeutics targeting previously unexplored protein targets. These initiatives are bolstered by advanced machine learning and generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) methods.


Molecure estimates that the capital expenditure associated with the strategy from mid-2023 to the end of 2025 will amount to approximately PLN 250 million.

Molecure is the only biotech company in Poland with two, proprietary first-in-class compounds at the clinical trial stage and is consistently building the value of these programmes. The company aims to secure at least one high-value partnership agreement for one of these clinical assets between 2023 and 2025, which could translate into tangible benefits for Shareholders.


"The primary business objective of our strategy is to transform the intellectual property value we have created into commercial success. We anticipate concluding a partnering agreement for at least one of our clinical assets before 2025, while also establishing commercial collaborations for programmes currently at an earlier stage of development. We are pleased that investors participating in the share offering have recognised our progress thus far and our strategy for future growth. The funds raised from the share issue, combined with other sources of funding, will provide vital support for the successful and on-track progress of our programmes and further strengthens our negotiating position with partners" - added Marcin Szumowski.

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Last Updated: 21-Jul-2023