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25-Jan-2022 - 27-Jan-2022

Digital DDR, ATR & PARP Inhibitors Summit 2022

  • Location:
    • Online
    • 1 Avenue de Lafayette
    • Boston
    • Massachusetts
    • 02111
    • United States
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The 5th Digital DDR, ATR & PARP Inhibitors Summit is coming at a timely inflection point within this field. With Wee1 & ATR approvals on the horizon and countless novel targets currently undergoing exciting pre-clinical validation, this unique & highly anticipated meeting unites the world experts in DDR inhibition to propel this space through the barriers it faces to clinical breakthrough.

This industry-led forum once again evolves to reflect progress in the DDR therapies field with focused content on:

PARP Inhibition: Next-Gen PARPi’s, PARP Resistance & the Future of PARP Inhibitors
Developing Clinically Successful Wee1 & ATR Inhibitors for Cancer Therapy
Developing Predictive Pre-Clinical Models in DDR to Achieve Human-Specific Translation
Novel Methodologies & Imaging Technologies to Revolutionize Pathway Understanding, Compound Optimization & Clinical Translation
Establishing a Pre-Clinically Validated Novel Target: Polθ
Identifying Reliable DDR/HR Tumor Biomarkers
Exploring the Emerging Targets in the DDR Pathway: Strategy, Execution, Development and Promise
Managing Toxicity - Dose, Delivery, Scheduling, Patient Selection, & Stratification - Managing the Therapeutic Window & Treatment Regimes
Next Steps in Combination Approaches - to Heighten Drug Effect & Overcome Resistance - What is the Future of the Field?