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09-Mar-2021 - 10-Mar-2021

Online Course: Business Acumen for MSLs by Maaike Addicks, MD

Gain confidence by understanding where and how you, as an MSL, add value to a pharma company – Gain business acumen to propel your tactical planning and implementation to higher productivity levels and with more impact on both external and internal stakeholders – Learn best practices and benefit from exchanging experiences with MSLs from other companies.

Why You Should Take This Online Course

While the Medical Science Liaison (MSL) function is relatively new in the pharma industry, its role has become even more important during COVID-times, and that will remain so in the future. Therefore, all MSLs absolutely need to acquire critical business acumen competencies as early as possible in their career.  

The impact of MSLs is potentially huge because they act at the forefront of the customer engagement process, at a very high and scientific level. However, to be impactful and make the difference, MSLs must understand how their role fits into the bigger picture and how to work effectively with the other roles in the company. They should know how to plan and implement tactics such that they optimally contribute to the success of a pharma company in its therapeutic markets. The successful MSL understands his/her internal and external stakeholders thoroughly, appreciates what drives them and knows how to add value.

The Content: This online course provides you with a complete overview of the MSL function and with the theoretical insights to understand how to achieve the highest impact as an MSL. It is also very practical and hands-on: it dives deeply into the critical success factors and dos & don’ts of MSL tactics, and discusses common issues such as compliance and how to work effectively with other functions like marketing, sales and clinical. The content equips MSLs with concepts and tools to pro-actively plan the most impactful MSL tactics, to effectively implement them, and to work synergistically within teams.

The Expert: Maaike Addicks is a physician with over 15 years of experience in the field of Medical Affairs, having fulfilled many different roles within Medical Affairs departments, both on a local and international level. As a former leader in the Medical Department, she is very familiar with the expectations and challenges of MSLs, the issues they encounter and how to address them. Maaike is a passionate trainer, an excellent moderator and strongly believes in using interaction to increase knowledge and skills.

The Business Acumen for Medical Science Liaisons course is the only available online course delivered by Maaike Addicks on this topic.