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29-Apr-2021 - 30-Apr-2021

Online Course: The Pharma Brand Planning Course by Edouard Demeire

Learn to discover growth levers for your brand from multi-stakeholder insights - Know how to determine and prioritise market segments, and to define and implement a company-wide endorsed value positioning statement - Learn to extract the Critical Success Factors that translate strategy into tactics - Learn to design an agile mix of tactics in a Red Ocean market, and to create a Blue Ocean market

The Content: In today’s volatile, uncertain and complex environment, brand teams need to go through a ‘fit for purpose’ brand planning process in order to ensure all market-facing functions synergistically contribute to a brand’s success. You will learn key concepts and learn to use several handy tools in a well-structured cross-functional process that culminates in high-impact brand plans with a logic between the final action plan and market dynamics. Participants will understand how a pharma brand planning process can contribute to developing agile customer centricity. The three critical steps, i.e. customer journey based insight development -> strategy building -> agile tactical planning, are exercised in the context of a pharma case in order to give participants hands-on experience.

The Expert: Edouard forces you to think “out-of-the-box”. He challenges his audience and, while he is an authority in pharma marketing strategy, he also transposes learnings from other industries to stimulate creative thinking. His approach sparks plenty of new ideas!

The Pharma Brand Planning Course is the only available public training course delivered by Edouard Demeire on the topic of brand planning.