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11-Mar-2021 - 12-Mar-2021

Online Course: The Pharma Business Development Course by Dr. Jürgen Parrisius & Stefan Fischer

Understand the structure of the pharma business development process in the pharma-biotech world – Grasp the terminology, challenges, concepts & tools in each step, from analysis and planning... up to closing and following-up a deal

Why You Should Attend

The Content: Business Development in the pharmaceutical industry has become the most significant source of new products for most pharmaceutical companies. It is now conducted throughout every organisation, which requires executives in many disciplines to understand the process. Even executives new in a business development role often have had no formal training. Companies need to have a structured process throughout the organisation to ensure that there is coordination of efforts and alignment of strategy. This course has been written and developed to capture and structure the processes needed to bring about a successful transaction between pharma-pharma and pharma-biotech companies.

The Experts: The combined hands-on experience of Dr. Jürgen Parrisius & Stefan Fischer is enormous, spanning virtually all therapeutic areas, all forms of BD&L deals, all geographical markets, as well as both big pharma and biotech.

The Pharma Business Development Course is the only available public training course delivered by Dr. Jürgen Parrisius & Stefan Fischer on the topic of business development.