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04-Feb-2021 - 05-Feb-2021

Online Course: The Pharma Licensing Negotiation Course by Dr. Roger Cox

Learn and practice in role plays the whole armamentarium of winning strategies, tools, dos & don’ts, tricks & tips in each step of the pharma licensing negotiation process: planning – internal negotiations – making the first contact – term sheet assumptions – face-to-face meetings – resolving issues – contract closure.

Why You Should Attend

The Content: Unlike other negotiation courses, this course is specifically tailored to negotiating commercial licensing deals for pharmaceuticals and related products in the Pharma and Biotech sectors.

The Expert: Roger Cox is an industry veteran and highly regarded in pharma’s BD&L community. Roger’s profile is unique - his 30 years of licensing experience encompasses both big and small pharma/biotech companies as well as government organisations.

The Pharma Licensing Negotiation Course is the only available public training course delivered by Roger Cox on the topic of licensing negotiation.