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18-Mar-2021 - 19-Mar-2021

Online Course: The Strategic e-Medical Affairs Course by Ben Harbour

Learn to design a digital innovation strategy for Medical Affairs – Grasp the full power and trends of the whole spectrum of digital tactics that affect physicians and patients – Learn how to optimise the mix of tactics and to measure their business impact.

Why You Should Attend

On one hand, there is a strong need from pharma customers (physicians, but also patients, nurses, (hospital) pharmacists etc.) to receive the latest medical information “anytime, anywhere” – on websites, but also on tablet devices and smartphones. On the other hand, pharma is experiencing cost pressures in the promotional space. As a result, more efforts are being put into blended or pure online offerings, which not only result in budget efficiencies, but will also be preferred by time-pressured customers. 

The Content: This course not only provides you with an explanation about concepts and methods but also, and more importantly, it discusses the integration of digital in the overall business strategy and medical plans (with practical examples) as well as the perspective of customers and stakeholders, including several best-practice cases.

The Expert: Our expert-trainer, Ben Harbour, has a wide international experience in integrating digital into pharma companies’ business communication processes. In addition, he has also built up a very strong reputation within the international digital pharma community as high-impact consultant and trainer.

The Strategic e-Medical Affairs Course is the only available public training course delivered by Ben Harbour on the topic of digital strategy for medical affairs.