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23-Mar-2021 - 23-Mar-2021

Online Course: Understanding Market Access & Payers in Europe by Dr. Nick Proctor

Learn the different payer archetype systems that offer useful patterns in payer decision making and an insightful structure in Europe’s highly fragmented payer landscape – Grasp the structure and know the key stakeholders of the major European healthcare systems – Understand the contribution of other functions in the process of gaining optimal access

Why You Should Attend

The Content: Throughout the industry, optimising market access is often viewed as a responsibility of the market access departments alone, while in fact the optimal outcome will depend on a cross-functional effort as of phase II. That is why it is absolutely necessary that internal stakeholders in non-market access functions grasp the fundamentals and understand how their function, and in particular their decisions related to pharmaceutical compounds and brands, impact on payer decision making.

The Expert: Nick Proctor is passionate about instilling actionable payer understanding throughout the industry, so expect a true expert who will try to make you think from a payer’s perspective and get you to “see” the patterns in Europe’s complex landscape. Nick has advised multiple companies on market access and pricing strategies at global and local levels.

The Understanding Pharma Market Access & Payers in Europe course is the only available public training course delivered by Nick Proctor on the topic of market access.