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25-Mar-2021 - 26-Mar-2021

Online Course: Value Pricing for Market Access by Gary Johnson

Understand the language, the concepts and research techniques in pharmaceutical pricing – Learn how to set prices for optimal access and returns across Market Access systems, payer types and at different times of a product’s life cycle – Grasp the impact of international reference pricing and parallel trade, and how to deal with these.

Why You Should Attend

The Content: The focus is on techniques and approaches that have been proven to work best. Concepts are explained in simple, non-mathematical terms and concrete examples are used rather than vague concepts. Since you will mix with a very international audience, you will learn from your peers about pricing & reimbursement systems in their markets. Delegates leave with a collection of techniques and principles that they can implement easily and immediately.

The Expert: Gary Johnson is Europe's most respected pharma forecasting & pricing expert and has authored the industry’s most authoritative books on pharma forecasting and pricing. His specialist consultancy, Inpharmation, has been involved in forecasting and/or pricing around half of the new molecular entity launches over the past five years. 
Gary has trained 1000s of executives around the world. His presentations are constantly tweaked according to delegate feedback. They have thus evolved over the years so they are easy to understand and consistently get very high customer feedback scores. 

The Value Pricing for Market Access course is the only available public training course delivered by Gary Johnson on the topic of pricing.