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This course is a thorough immersion in the process, concept and models of pharmaceutical marketing.  It is suitable for anyone who is either new to a marketing role, or wants a deeper understanding of the underlying principles.  The course covers all the essentials of pharmaceutical marketing and the emphasis is on a practical and hands-on approach to get you started or learning new ways quickly.  This a is a highly interactive and practical course that follows a clear line of logic from strategy through to execution.

What will be covered?

  • The role, scope and context of marketing and the challenges in healthcare.
  • How to apply the key tools in building a Marketing Plan
  • How to bring together the Brand Strategy by expressing a clear narrative, Understand the importance of customer perception in marketing
  • Understand the role of the Brand and how to bring it to life through an optimal Promotional Mix.
  • How to build an execution framework around the Plan and achieve the best performance

Who is the course for?

This course is aimed for marketers or anyone who needs an in-depth understanding of pharmaceutical marketing, new marketers, secondees new into a larger marketing role or established marketers wanting a structured refresher.
Agency colleagues who want an in-depth understanding of the challenges clients face

Learning outcomes

  • Developing a pharmaceutical marketing strategy to help understanding your customers
  • The role of brands in pharmaceutical marketing
  • Designing an optimal promotional mix & driving sales and profit
    The role of market research