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Demonstrating effectiveness and ROI of omnichannel strategies in pharma is a critical component for decision-makers to identify spend, priorities and customer needs. Patient engagement is no different – but unlike a multi-channel tactical plan, defining KPIs and metrics for patient engagement is seen as more complex.

During this in-person session at the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM), the PEIG will bring together pharma, PAG, patient and vendor to discuss:

  • Why measuring patient engagement is important
  • How KPIs and metrics differ from more traditional tactical programmes
  • Examples of where industry collaborations have defined and measured outcomes for patient programmes and initiatives
  • Best practices for defining KPIs and measurement frameworks


  1. Give an opening plenary that sets the tone of why measuring patient engagement is important
  2. To showcase 2/3 examples where pharma have measured the impact of a patient engagement initiative
  3. Deliver a panel session to discuss setting up appropriate KPI frameworks for measuring the impact of patient engagement projects

Speaker Spotlight:

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