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14-Jul-2021 - 14-Jul-2021

PM Society Training: Coaching Essentials


Coaching is now recognised as an essential skill for managers and aspiring leaders.  The Harvard Business Review calls it ‘a skill that good managers at all levels need to develop and deploy’. A coaching approach can increase autonomy, develop individuals in a team and assist in solving problems and increase productivity.

Who should attend?

Being a highly transferable skill, all levels are welcome to attend.

What will you learn?

During the course, you will learn the fundamental skills to coach others, utilise a framework to structure the conversation, know when to coach and practice your new skills!

The outcomes would be:

  • Learn how adopting a coaching habit in your company positively impacts team culture
  • Be able to use essential coaching skills using a framework 
  • Be able to avoid common coaching traps
  • Practice and hone your coaching style in a safe and encouraging environment
  • Be able to diagnose the most effective coaching approach   
  • Apply coaching principles in day to day work