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29-Sep-2022 - 29-Sep-2022

Putting your users centre-stage to enable digital design success

Our recent report, The Contradiction Conundrum, amongst global pharma organisations revealed that while there is a strong understanding of the value of digital — and how crucial it is for HCP and patient relationships and experiences — there are many contradictions and barriers when it comes to successfully executing digital strategies. This has resulted in just 4% of digital product launches regularly succeeding.

In this session, speakers Jack Burton, Clinical UX Researcher at Graphite Digital and Dr Gyles Morrison, Director and Clinical UX Strategist at The Clinical UX Academy, will discuss:

Topics covered:
  • The different approaches to user research and why it matters
  • How insights are converted into practical solutions to inform decision making
  • The common pitfalls, how to overcome challenges, selling the idea internally and debunking the myths