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INSIGHTEC® incisionless MRgFUS surgery to be funded by NHS England to treat Essential Tremor

condition that causes shaking of the hands, head and voice, but it can also cause legs and trunk to shake. The tremor begins mildly and progresses over time to become more severe, and in some patients, severe enough to interfere with daily activities, such as eating and writing.


This is extremely exciting news for those living with Essential Tremor,” said Prof Wady Gedroyc, MD, Consultant Radiologist at London’s St. Mary’s Hospital. “Essential Tremor can be incredibly debilitating and impacts virtually every aspect of a person’s life. There’s a significant unmet need in terms of treatment options so I am delighted that NHS England has recognised the value that this new technology can bring to patients. I am looking forward to seeing the first NHS patients from April next year.”


MRgFUS is an incisionless treatment option for Essential Tremor, often performed in an outpatient setting, enabling patients to return home the same day. High intensity ultrasound waves, guided by MRI, converge at a small target to create a permanent lesion in the specific area of the brain responsible for the tremor.


Medicines only work in approximately 50% of people with Essential Tremor, and so to have another treatment option available that is incisionless is a major breakthrough for this patient group,” commented Prof Dipankar Nandi, MD, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. “Now that the NHS has agreed to make focused ultrasound available from next April, it is critical that we ensure equity of access across the country, and not just for those that can make it to London.”


NHS funding is an important step in expanding patient access to Focused Ultrasound,” said Maurice R. Ferré MD, INSIGHTEC CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors. "Most importantly, people living with tremor can now get back their independence and their lives.

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Last Updated: 19-Nov-2020