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Sensyne Health achieves five million patient target set at IPO

Sensyne Health achieves five million patient target

set at IPO


~ NHS equity ownership in Sensyne now 11.7% ~

~ Sensyne model shows benefit to NHS and UK patients ~


Oxford, U.K. 16 November 2020: Sensyne Health plc (LSE: SENS) (“Sensyne” or the “Company” or the “Group”), the UK Clinical AI company, today announces that, following its new non-exclusive Strategic Research Agreement (“SRA”) with Somerset NHS Foundation Trust announced this morning, the Company has achieved a major objective set at its IPO in August 2018 of growing its anonymised patient database to five million patients.


The new SRA now brings the combined total of anonymised patient data available for analysis by Sensyne to 5.6 million patients.  The data enables the ethical application of clinical artificial intelligence research on anonymised patient data to improve patient care and accelerate research into new medicines. 


In line with the strategy laid out at the time of its IPO, with access now to anonymised data on more than five million patients, Sensyne is able to cover a broader range of research across different clinical areas, deliver powerful data insights to speed up the development of novel approaches to new medicines, and develop AI-powered clinical decision support tools to improve patient care.


NHS Benefit

The unique nature of Sensyne’s business model, where NHS Trusts receive an equity stake in the Company, a royalty on revenues that are generated from research undertaken under the SRAs and an investment of up to £250,000 per year over the five-year term, means the NHS has benefitted from Sensyne’s partnership approach in a variety of ways, with long-term benefits potentially to come.


Since August 2018, the NHS has already received a total financial return of £19,460,000 through its relationship with Sensyne, comprising:

  • £18,300,000 via equity ownership in Sensyne of 11.7% [1]
  • £160,000 in shared revenues
  • £1,000,000 in IT and technology infrastructure investment


Patient Benefit  

Research conducted by Sensyne using SRA data includes:

  • Stroke prediction – identifying additional risk factors to help clinicians better predict stroke and improve care.
  • Heart failure treatment – identifying specific subgroups of patients suffering from heart failure to help personalise treatments that are effective for particular patient groups.
  • COVID-19 lung impact - developing algorithms using computer vision for the analysis of images to detect COVID-19 related lung disease. 
  • COVID-19 risk – developed algorithms to predict the risk of intensive care unit admission,  invasive mechanical ventilation and death in patients with COVID-19 infection. 

Lord (Paul) Drayson PhD, CEO of Sensyne Health, said:

“Reaching this five million patient milestone with our NHS Trust partners is a great achievement and means that together we have created a world-class medical research capability here in the UK. Over the past two years we have demonstrated how Sensyne’s clinical AI can be used to deliver better patient care and to accelerate medical research.  We have also shown how our unique partnership model not only delivers clinical benefits but also provides a significant financial return back into the NHS. 

“We are experiencing enthusiasm from other NHS Trusts across the UK interested in the Sensyne model and see the potential to grow our anonymised patient database beyond five million. We are also seeing interest in Sensyne’s model beyond the UK, and especially in the US, as other healthcare systems begin to think about how to use their own patient data for medical research in a transparent and fair way.”

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Last Updated: 19-Nov-2020