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Drug Development Microbial Service Now Available at Creative BioMart Microbe

Creative BioMart Microbe, with a mature microbial technology service platform, provides microbial technology services to customers worldwide, including the pharmaceutical production industry and drug development researchers. Now a wide selection of microbial services for customers in the drug development field are available.


Microorganisms have always played an important role in the quality assurance and quality control of drugs. For example, in the production of injectable drugs, microbiological testing of water for injection, the production environment and the product is required to monitor the quality of the drug and the production process. With the development of science, there have been some changes in pharmaceutical microbiology. Microorganisms are not only closely related to drug production, but also play a role in drug development.


Based on the information on the official website of Creative BioMart Microbe, the services for drug development mainly include:


Microbial Expressed Antibodies Custom Service

The microbial expression system is suitable for the expression of single-chain antibody scFv, Fab and mini-antibodies. A variety of microbial systems that can be used for high-yield expression of antibodies, including bacterial, fungal and yeast systems are available for customers to choose. Antibody services include codon optimization and gene synthesis, vector construction, antibody purification, etc.


Antigen Preparation Service

One-stop antigen preparation services from gene synthesis and plasmid construction to protein expression and purification are provided at Creative BioMart Microbe.


Drug and Active Molecule Discovery

Services include genome analysis, high-throughput screening, screening of microbial extracts, etc.


Microbial Fermentation Service for Bio-Pharmaceuticals

Technical team at Creative BioMart Microbe uses microorganisms to produce a variety of drugs and biological preparations for customers' related research, including hormones, vaccines, therapeutic proteins, etc.


Stability Testing Service

Services include container closure integrity testing, sterility testing, endotoxin testing and microbial limit testing services.


“We can also customize our services according to your specific needs in drug development. Superior service quality is the reason for long-term trust and cooperation of customers. We do hope can help promote your research process.” Said the official speaker from Creative BioMart Microbe.

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Drug Development Microbial Service Now Available at Creative BioMart Microbe

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Last Updated: 26-Feb-2021