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Preventing Mosquito Bites & Why it is Important for Your Health

American Fork, Utah, United States, March 10 2021 (Wiredrelease) Tork Media LLC –:During the summer months, mosquitoes are in their element. They can be found everywhere and stopping them from choosing you as their next victim can be a real challenge. Although the ‘bite’ itself is not that painful and more of an annoyance, it is what the mosquito can pass into your bloodstream that should worry you. Mosquitoes carry a wide variety of diseases that you want to keep far away from your body.

Natural Mosquito Repellent

Dealing with mosquito bites can be incredibly frustrating, no matter what you do they always find a way to bite you. You are awoken in the middle of the night to a buzzing in your ear or a bite that just aches to be scratched. You have sat down to enjoy a nice well outdoors when suddenly you get attacked from all angles. Stopping mosquitoes from feasting on your blood is not an easy task but there are some solutions.

Instead of going for the commercial products you see in every grocery store and pharmacy, why not try a natural mosquito repeller from Mozzi Gear? There are many good reasons to choose a natural repellent over other products on the market, some of them include:

Sensitive Skin – Natural mosquito repellent is better for people who suffer from sensitive skin as it does not contain any harmful toxins or added fragrances. A lot of synthetic chemicals can cause irritation and allergic reactions. No DEET – It is best to look for a mosquito repellent that is free of DEET. It can be harmful to your health and it is best avoided. Natural repellents do not contain DEET or any other synthetic substances. Beneficial to Your Body – In addition to having a nice smell, natural mosquito repellents are also better for your body. For example, peppermint oil which is found in natural products helps to improve concentration and works as a muscle relaxant.

It is always better to opt for a natural and effective organic mosquito repellent to stop bites.

Natural Mosquito Bands

Mosquito bites can be potentially fatal depending on the pathogen the mosquito is carrying. That is why it is important to find ways to protect yourself and your family. If you are a parent, it can be difficult to spray young kids with protection as they sometimes cannot resist the urge to move around or touch the solution and put it in their mouth.

Mosquito bands are an excellent way to protect younger kids who do not like spray. A band is easy to use and quite comfortable. They are inexpensive to buy and they can be purchased in a range of colours which makes them fun for young kids.

Bands are also waterproof which makes them highly effective during the summer months when kids are jumping in and out of a swimming pool or play pool.

Make Yourself Less Appealing

Why are some people more attractive to mosquitoes than others? Scientists do not fully understand why, but some factors contribute to your appeal. There are some things you can change, such as drinking less alcohol and getting rid of bacteria on your skin that attracts mosquitoes. Others are more difficult, such as omitting more CO2 and having a blood group type O.

When you cannot do much about your appeal, you need to take other measures such as using mosquito repellent and mosquito bands. When you are exercising, you will omit more CO2, so wear long clothing that shield you from mosquito bites.


Another good way to stop mosquito bites is to wear brighter coloured clothing. Mosquitoes are attracted to darker colours such as black, deep blue, and red. So, try to wear brighter colours and thicker fabrics. Mosquitoes can get through thinner fabrics and penetrate your skin.


Aside from being itchy and irritating, mosquito bites can be dangerous and sometimes even fatal. They can spread a range of disease such as:

Zika Chikungunya Dengue

To avoid getting bitten, follow all of the tips mentioned in this article. If you are more susceptible to mosquito bites than others, it is imperative that you take measures to stop bites. You should also make sure kids are well-protected especially during the summer months.

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