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Alfa Chemistry Lipids News: Alkyl Methane Sulfonates Are Released for Scientific Research

As a trust-worthy supplier of various types of lipids and fatty acids, Alfa Chemistry recently announces the release of alkyl methane sulfonates, a new product line added to its already quite comprehensive product offerings, encompassing glycerides, fatty alcohols, sterols, fatty acetates, soaps of fatty acids, wax esters, fatty amines, sphingolipids and many more. Now scientists and researchers worldwide can easily obtain alkyl methane sulfonates needed in their research projects.

According to recent research findings, alkyl methane sulfonate series may be a useful molecular probe of mutagenic mechanism. By the use of this series, the relationship among initial DNA alkylation products and residual posrepair products and the probability of a biological response (mutation) may be examined by the combined approach of chemical analysis and quantitative measurement of genetic change.

"At Alfa Chemistry, multiple alkyl methane sulfonates are available to serve different research purposes,” says a spokesman from Alfa Chemistry.

Some of the alkyl methane sulfonates are listed here: Erucyl Methane Sulfate (CAS 102542-59-6), Hexyl Methane Sulfate (CAS 16156-50-6), Hexadecyl Methane Sulfate (CAS 20779-14-0), Oleyl Methane Sulfate (CAS 35709-09-2), Decyl Methane Sulfate(CAS 41233-29-8), Tetradecyl Methane Sulfate (CAS 6222-16-8), Palmitoleyl Methane Sulfate (CAS 93135-85-4), Eicosyl Methane Sulfate, Nervonyl Methane Sulfate, Docosyl Methane Sulfate, Pentadecyl Methane Sulfate, Octyl Methane Sulfate,   Nonadecyl Methane Sulfate, Nonadecyl Methane Sulfate,  Heptadecyl Methane Sulfate,     Docosyl Methane Sulfate, 10-Undecenyl Methane Sulfate, Nonyl Methane Sulfate, Gamma Linolenyl Methane Sulfate, Linoelaidyl Methane Sulfate and more.

To learn more about Alfa Chemistry’s Alkyl methane sulfonates and other types of fatty acids or lipids, please visit  or just email at for suggestions in case of any questions.

About Alfa Chemistry

Being committed to serving as a reliable partner for universities, research institutes, manufacturers as well as pharmaceutical companies, Alfa Chemistry continues to upgrade and optimize its product line. Till now, it is able to supply chemicals such as building blocks, reagents, catalysts, reference materials, lipids, functional polymers, materials, metals, polymers, regents and many more for customers. Its lipid branch covers various product types, including: fatty acids and esters, glycerides, sphingolipids, wax esters, sterols, fatty alcohols, fatty amines, soaps of fatty acids, fatty acetates, alkyl methane sulfonates and more.

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Last Updated: 08-Sep-2021