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Luforbec® 200/6 (beclometasone 200mcg / formoterol 6mcg) a certified carbon neutral inhaler is launched in the UK for the treatment of adult asthma

This higher dose option complements the Luforbec 100/6 pMDI providing a costeffective
asthma treatment range4,5,6

Slough, UK, November 14, 2022: Lupin Healthcare, the UK-based wholly owned subsidiary of
Lupin Limited (Lupin) today announced the UK launch of Luforbec 200/6 (beclomethasone
200mcg / formoterol 6mcg) pressurised metered dose inhaler (pMDI) for the treatment of adult
asthma.3 Luforbec 200/6 pMDI has the potential to offer significant cost savings for the NHS
whilst being a certified carbon neutral inhaler as a result of carbon offsetting.1,2,5,6

Luforbec 200/6 pMDI is indicated for the treatment of adult asthma where use of an inhaled
corticosteroid and long-acting beta2-agonist (ICS/LABA) is appropriate.3 It has the same
licensed indications as Fostair® 200/6 pMDI with the same active ingredients, an extra fine
formulation and similar device characteristics.3,7,8

In the 12 months to June 2022, the NHS spent over £241 million on Fostair® 100/6 and 200/6
pMDIs.5,9 Luforbec pMDIs offer a 30% NHS list price saving versus Fostair pMDIs.5 Prescribing
Luforbec instead of Fostair could release savings of approximately £72 million per annum for
the NHS.5,9

Following an independent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to quantify the carbon footprint of
Luforbec 200/6 pMDI, Lupin Healthcare offsets all carbon emissions associated with this pMDI
sold in the UK, so like the 100/6 pMDI inhaler, it is certified as carbon neutral by Carbon Footprint
Ltd through carbon offsetting.2

“We are pleased to make Luforbec 200/6 pMDI available in the UK alongside the already
available Luforbec 100/6 pMDI. This provides healthcare professionals with a choice of
strengths to help optimally manage appropriate asthma patients, and offers the potential to
deliver significant NHS savings. At Lupin we are proud that both inhalers are certified as carbon
neutral; this is a positive step for Lupin on its sustainability journey.” said Ben Ellis, General
Manager – Lupin Healthcare UK.

In the UK, around 5.4 million people are currently receiving treatment for asthma, which is
equivalent to one in every 12 adults.10 Asthma places a heavy cost burden on the NHS,
estimated at £3 billion per year.11

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Last Updated: 14-Nov-2022