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Launching the IBMS takeover of Harvey’s Gang

As the founder and IBMS member Malcolm Robinson and the Harvey’s Gang trustees have taken then decision to wind up the charity, the IBMS are proud to become the new custodians.

The plans remain the same; we will provide members with all they need to continue running lab tours for children undergoing intensive treatment for severe diseases. The tours are beneficial for children who get an insight into their treatment, but also for laboratory staff who will have the opportunity to meet the patients whose names they have often seen attached to samples they are working to process and analyse. 

Malcolm commented,

“The trustees and I are extremely grateful for the work that the IBMS has done with Harvey’s Gang over the past six years or so, we’ve built very close links and we were thrilled when they agreed to take over running the tours. When we talked with the IBMS, our vision for Harvey’s Gang fitted very well with what they had in mind.”

A key part of what the IBMS aims to do is to keep running Harvey’s Gang in the way that the trustees want. David Wells, Chief Executive of the IBMS, stated,

“We were keen to make sure that the Harvey’s Gang initiative would not be lost. We can see that it adds real value to our organisation and to our members because they clearly enjoy the tours and showing children around their laboratories. In terms of engaging with the public, it’s also an excellent way of showing off the work that we all do day.

I’m confident that our members will support what we’re doing and see it as a good thing for the IBMS to get involved with. We can run Harvey’s Gang in a way that holds true to its values and builds on its success.”

Through our continued focus on looking after the interests of our profession, we hope to bring every interested young patient access to these tours. The IBMS is confident it will be able to build upon the incredible legacy of Harvey’s Gang and the positive role it has to play in children’s healthcare. 

Debra Padgett, IBMS President said: 

“It is an honour and privilege to have been asked to take over running the lab tours from Malcolm. We will work hard to carry on his excellent work and ensure that more young patients can access the tours and more of our members can benefit”

For more details about Harvey’s Gang, including how your laboratory can sign-up to give young patients a tour of your workplace, please visit

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Last Updated: 25-Apr-2023